The Nature of Nicholas

The Nature of Nicholas

The Nature of Nicholas is a surreal story of twelve-year-old Nicholas as he struggles with an attraction to his best friend.

The Nature of Nicholas is a surreal fable that follows twelve-year-old Nicholas as he struggles with an intense attraction to his best friend, Bobby. Nicholas is obsessed with his friend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diana C (es) wrote: Me gusto!! No me encanto pero si la puedo ver otra vez

Joey F (br) wrote: A lot of people say this movie is waaaaay cheesy and waaaaay over the top, but that's not quite what I see (maybe it's the nostalgia blinding me?). What I see is an incredibly stylish, incredibly interesting superhero movie that actually has a good story for once. The action is really good, and is used sparingly, and only in service of the themes/story (take notes, current marvel). Is it perfect? No, but it's still better than basically every MCU movie.

Linda O (it) wrote: This Movie is so rad.

Zaheer K (au) wrote: This is the movie in the series where the story starts to drag. The plot doesn't make a lot of sense anymore.But the movie is still a good watch for the typical horror contraptions that Jigsaw has designed.

Risa C (us) wrote: touching,sad,good,and a little wierd at times.i think the sister should have married rick and not sam.

Michael P (fr) wrote: Perplex setting in an technological equivelant 1920's with futuristic genetic engineering and 21st century urban skyscrapers. If you think this sounds daft, your not wrong. The story has some real meat and could have spun a sequal if it was better recieved. I suspect it will not be long before genetic engineering in movies will have it's own genre when it's impact and broad scope are realised in mainstream cinema. While not groundbraking script, it was original. But as many films do, no soul, no emotive connection no dramatised sequence. Poory produced.

Micheline S (fr) wrote: love anything that has to do with supernatural/paranormal

Gabriel R (gb) wrote: flesh eating aliens that come out of your ass and of course duditz.

Andrew R (us) wrote: This is the the best movie I've ever seen in my life. Theres no violence or anything, well mabe some but it's crucial to the plot. It's even better that ATARI.

Robin P (fr) wrote: Saw this a veerrry long time ago, I'm sure it was really BAD. On my "Movies I Did Not Like" list.

Samantha C (it) wrote: When you see a gent paying all kinds of rent for a flat that could flatten the Taj Mahal. Call it dumb, call it clever, oh well you could give odds forever that the guys only doing it for some doll!

Mr P (br) wrote: Please don't look at the movie poster or the highly enticing title to this film as something to get excited about. I made the mistake of watching this movie through all of its unwatchable horror. Painful, but sometimes hilarious, this film is nothing but a let down. Something in the hills is controlling some people...and a do their bidding. In the funniest scene ever, a woman sees her dog walking towards her. However the dog is now "MAD"! Well, he's supposed to be. She reacts in sheer horror, screaming for her life, running away. The dog just sits and watches her, panting, smiling and wagging his tail as all happy dogs do. BUT NO! HE IS PURE EVIL! AN ALIEN DOG!!! The woman runs through the house, throwing things in her path, trying to escape the unspeakable terror. The dog just walks towards her, happy and wanting to play. I won't ruin what happens at the end of this ridiculous scene, but that alone should give you a feel as to what this movie did to me. It should have really gone by the title "The Useless Alien Movie Without any Beasts". I think it would fare better if it submits to its stupidity rather than leave us with any expectations.

David C (fr) wrote: Wow. After watching Mr. Robot, I thought, I have to go back and watch Esmail's directorial debut. Boy was I wrong. It's so bad, it made me consider not watching season 2 of Mr. Robot. Just kidding. Comet has no story, and it comes across as an intelligent take on relationships when in reality, it's simply Esmail before he learned how to tell a story. That's not to say Mr. Robot doesn't have its faults, but at least it has something to say. I guess you can argue there's some vague artistic statement being made in Comet, and the dialogue can be clever at times, but this movie, I'm sorry, film, is only for the most pretentious tools.Esmail's come a long way in such a short time. It's quite impressive and is pretty much a guarantee he won't make something like this again. Good for him!

Harsh C (es) wrote: Brutal domestic violence melodrama lacking depth

Branko V (mx) wrote: Crude but funny lines

The Movie G (mx) wrote: Funny and stupid at the same time, but still is funny and good