The Naughty Stewardesses

The Naughty Stewardesses

The Naughty Stewardesses follows the typical pattern of a Roger Corman "nurse" film (very popular at the time), only with stewardesses. The plot follows the exploits of four sexy flight attendants, and each of them disrobes in front of the camera and/or engage in intercourse at one point. There's raunchy action with a captain and a lass aboard his plane (in which a small child looks on to get a first hand sex ed class), and a wild party where a nude dude is actually a cake (he gets slobbered by one of the stewardesses!).

Sexy air stewardesses - four naughty female flight attendants - become involved with a wealthy womanizer, with unsurprising results. They live out their wildest sexual softcore nude fantasies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerry W (nl) wrote: I'm on my lunch break at my desk, so I might as well write a review, due to preponderance of boredom, to flex out the mechanical keyboard muscles or something. I must admit, I watched this late last night to wind down the weekend, and going in, I thought that this would be HIMYM with Elizabeth Olson, but I was in for a surprise. I get the premise of the story and some of the intended realism. But I personally just did not enjoy this film. Only the lines from the penpal montages were witty in my opinion... Something about Radnor's personality taken almost exactly from his persona on HIMYM just doesn't quite work when translated onto the silver screen... or is it perhaps a different set of writers? In any case, I just didn't really find the humor in this film funny if I'm being brutally honest. It ranged from lilting prose (perhaps 15% of the time) to utterly cringe-worthy interactions between the pair. I kept thinking several times throughout, are they REALLY doing/saying that?? The dialogue mostly feels forced / not smooth at all, which was not what I expected from Radnor. Like, I get that the realism is meant to portray the disappointment you find out in real life about people... But honestly, if I wanted that, I'd not spend two hours on a film... I'd just live real life (and have more fun/humor at that). While a depressing film can have its value, this one in particular does not have the artistic/storytelling worth to watch. Very mixed feelings on this one. I wanted to like it, but I simply (like what Radnor tells Olsen in the bedroom)... couldn't.

Damian M (jp) wrote: one of my all time favorite movie movies... definitely recommend watching it!!

Addison P (us) wrote: I enjoyed this movie, it showed how terrible POW's are treated. Also how amazing of a soldier John McCain was, not leaving...

Emily B (us) wrote: Nothing like a Cary Grant movie to make the world feel a little more attractive :D. This is a good one.

Te R (nl) wrote: Amazing Chicago police corruption movie

Brian S (jp) wrote: Much more of a romantic film than a horror zombie flick. Throughout the whole movie, many scenes can be long, but i felt i should watch it cause it's Bela Lugosi classic and supposed to be the first zombie movie. The acting is good but sometimes overacted. This movie was made independently and sort of hidden by the big block buster horrors from the early 30's. Recommended !!

Al M (de) wrote: While nowhere near as visceral, entertaining, or original as its predecessor, Candman 2 rolls out the same old stuff from the first film, but it has the wisdom to reset the film to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, a period of time fraught with dark overtones of sin, and it features more depiction of Candyman's backstory.

Edgar C (br) wrote: The film, mainly because of its plot, weak acting, predictable moments and a poor development, tends to be disappointing. No elaborate opening tracking shot will make me forgive everything else. Brian de Palma still has talent for directing films, believe me. He just needs a better script and an unpredictable story.The score had something going on...44/100

J H (es) wrote: slowest dullest movie I have seen in a long time. one of those movies where you simply don't care what happens