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Two spoiled rich people find themselves trapped on an empty passenger ship.

Two spoiled rich people find themselves trapped on an empty passenger ship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yap L (gb) wrote: It's a good example of characterization in film. As long as the characters are crafted nicely, put them in any situation, the film will be as interesting as any award winning film (I said interesting, not as good as!).This film is directed by Daihachi Yoshida, with simple or almost without a clear story line. The motive is to show high school students' self-searching process. Yoshida just put in a situation, a famous student disappear. Then the interesting characters will just lead the way as it effects every society in the school.Suzuka Ohgo, as Aya Sawashima, is worth notice. She do not have much lines but her expressions is just as full as a full cream milk...

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Stuart H (kr) wrote: 88mins of your life you won't get back. Story is pretty weak and the acting doesn't rescue it either. My advice is better watching paint dry ;)

Stephen S (jp) wrote: An excellent film. The acting that Tommy Lee Jones, and particularly Charlize Theron, do in this film is nothing short of phenomenal. I'm so glad that I watched was a real gem.

Becky J (ag) wrote: This was surprisingly good. Well, semi surprisingly good... I half expected it to be good, but half expected that it wouldn't be because it was on NetFlix's watch it now feature. Though a lot of good movies are also.. um... pointless. Right, so Irish people are weird. I'm glad my husband is Scottish because if I went to visit him in Ireland and any of them behaved or talked like the guy who had the SUV, I'd totally think they all hated me and I should probably fuck off and die. But only because they would say, "fuck auff n die"

Tyherra S (ag) wrote: De Niro is always good

Michael M (nl) wrote: Of all the stupid fucking awful sequels and reboots, you're telling me Mike Judge can't make Beavis and Butthead Do Europe? C'mon now. I'm thankful to say this never gets old.

Christopher S (de) wrote: Another decent sequel. Thom Mathews in a non-horror movie role is weird but cool because Mathews is the man. Tong Po's make-up is horrible. It's obviously a bald wig. That makes this trashy flick more appealing. Also stars the headmaster or dean or whatever the fuck he is from USA High.

Christian Z (kr) wrote: A good movie, I like the theme of redemption and always being haunted by your memories and living in the past which now that it has happened you cant change. the Fencing is decent but all the minor characters are forgettable, Abraham and Roberts are good as foils to each other in the last scene...very underrated and almost unknown..always liked Abraham (he is from Pittsburgh) since he played Salieri in Amadeus the Champion of Mediocrity LOL...I also like Eric Roberts who as he gets older has gotten better and is getting some better roles, lmao whenever I see him in the Killers Video Mr Brightside...

Dusty L (br) wrote: 80% on my Tomatometer.

Greg W (fr) wrote: bombed when released but I liked this rom-com

Adnan A (fr) wrote: Good and overcomes stereotypes

Jennifer H (es) wrote: I seems that the movies we produce today are continuously getting longer. That could be good or bad. In the case of the movie The Tarnished Angels (1957), being a movie that only ran for an hour and a half was a blessing. The film starred Rock Hudson, Dorothy Malone, Robert Stack, and Jack Carson. Any movie with such a cast as this would inspire good hopes and encouragement from the audience. Now, I'm no lady from the 50's but if this movie was what Average Joes' would watch on their Friday Movie Nights then I would do a poor job of fitting into society. I was not interested at all with the plot. Don't get me wrong- the plot is original; I've never seen a plot quite like 'Angels' but the story of the course relationship between a modern gypsy couple was brought about so slowly, I lost interest in the first ten minutes. I stuck through to see this movie to the end; I was determined. I got to watch an hour and a half of Rock Hudson, I felt such a compassion for Jack Carson's misfortunes (Has anyone noticed that Jack never gets the girl?), and I found three brilliant monologues for me to perform later when I am given the opportunity. My last word for you, reader, unless you are fanatical about flying noncommercial planes in dangerous races at a New Orleans fair, then this movie might not suit you. You take your pick on how you are to spend your time.

Patrick M (jp) wrote: Undeniably intense and creepy- Alfred Hitchcock for the 1990's.