The Naxalites

The Naxalites

A dramatized account of the Naxalite movement, focusing on the average Indians who join the movement from various walks of life and from various regions, backgrounds, faiths, etc.

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Morpheus O (ru) wrote: A very well done documentary! Unfortunately I saw it on YT and the moron that uled it cut a few seconds off here and there amongst the beginnings and the endings of each individual 9 minute + clip, from one to the next. I also don't know if the moron that uled it put the extra text at the end but, they probably did. It consisted of other documentaries to look for so that viewers of this documentary could gain information about them, to watch them, and educate themselves. Unfortunately, the morons who created those other documentaries, for the most part, didn't educate themselves about the subject(s) that they go off about in their own individual documentaries, since they use fear mongering as a tool of propaganda to serve their own agenda(s). Damn shame actually, since it does take something significant away from this film.

Maureen H (fr) wrote: walked out, too hysterical in a not good way

rick o (it) wrote: oh the good old days of cheesy B-grade animal disaster movies

Nicholas R (it) wrote: Having my midlife crisis.

David S (ag) wrote: Great horror/comedy film!

Brett B (es) wrote: Nowhere near as much fun as it should be, VISITING HOURS is a relatively disappointing bit of exploitative nonsense. In and of itself, exploitative nonsense isn't necessarily a bad thing if pulled off correctly, but this particular attempt is dramatically inert, with little in the way of effective horror or suspense. It's got a very thin premise stretched out to its breaking point (there's only so much you can do with the concept of a maniac stalking people in a hospital), and onto that framework it adds no small amount of uncomfortable sleaze (unusual for a big studio release; this is a Fox picture). Grant, Shatner (disappointingly, he barely hams it up in his relatively small role), Purl, and Ironside (very convincing as the depraved wacko at the heart of the story) all do fine work, but it's in the service of a deeply unsatisfying plot. All things considered, VISITING HOURS is a mean-spirited little movie with few redeeming qualities, save for the acting.

Erika A (de) wrote: Just TERRIFIC!!! This is a good terror story, so if u have the chance to watch it do it!!

Bruno L (jp) wrote: In my opinion, it is definitely one of Fritz Lang's best movies. The acting, the plot, the music, the characters, the cinematography ... everything works out wonderfully in this great drama/suspense movie. Good performances from Joan Bennett and Edward G. Robinson.

Luiserghio M (ag) wrote: Como no ver una pelicula donde salen De Niro y Duvall como hermanos? Ambos dan solidas actuaciones, pero la pelicula nunca me atrapo para enserio invertir curiosidad o interes por los personajes, a esto no le ayudo que el final fuera decepcionante, porque esperaba una gran y 'verdadera confesion', la cual nunca llega, solo nos deja con un signo de interrogacion y pensamos, ahi termino?.

Miro D (kr) wrote: Absolutely stunning. Visual eye candy with a magnificent soundtrack.