The Necro Files

The Necro Files

A cannibal rapist rises from the grave as a flesh-eating zombie sex maniac! Two Seattle cops, a satanic cult and a flying demon fetus try to stop the lust-crazed ghoul before he can kill again. Necro Files is a classic. Yes. A classic for the fans of no-budget gore-filthy movies. The plot speaks for itself: a serial rapist is killed then come back to life because of a "satanist cult" spell. But, he comes back to life as a zombie with a huge penis. He continues his rapist and killing rampage. There are two cops that follows the case, one of them is mentally altered. Thats a great character! A very good performance by that guy. Other highlight is the "flying baby doll". No words. Its the glory. The movie is very enjoyable but not expect "good cinema" or "art". Its a party movie, to watch with friends drinking beer and puking. Great fun.

A cannibal rapist rises from the grave as a flesh-eating zombie sex maniac! Two Seattle cops, a satanic cult and a flying demon fetus try to stop the lust-crazed ghoul before he can kill ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maria A (fr) wrote: You really don't want to go in this documentary without really understanding the fact that rather than a collection of True Crime, it's actually analaying the origins of urban legends. If you're here for in-depth true crime stories, you're probably not going to be satisfied. Now that's out of the way, I found the interviews with the locals of the birthplaces of these urban legends to be fascinating. The only part I think lacked cohesion to the overall goal of analysing the very roots of urban legends, was the sections on Killer Clowns as I think the filmmaker strays into talking about examples that are too contemporary, specifially the infamous shooting during the screening of the Dark Knight Rises. Also, with the contemporary example it opens itself up for critiscism of oversimplification of that tragedy. But as a documentary, it flowed well and the editing was solid so this made it a rather easy watch.

Ahmed M (fr) wrote: The movie has a few laughs here and there, but despite that it relies on a mediocre plot, and very stupid jokes, such as vomit jokes, to keep the movie going.

Mitch H (fr) wrote: Overall I enjoyed this movie. It had a great script with intriguing characters, especially in the case Campbell Scott who played Roger a fast talking, quick-witted, pompous womanizer. I could barely wait to hear what offensive phrase would come out of his mouth next. The great script, characters and cast were overshadowed by terrible lighting and dreadful cinematography that almost made the movie unwatchable. At times it looked like a 3-year old was shooting a home video.

bastet 0 (ag) wrote: The preview builds this movie up to be more interesting than it is. I wouldn't even refer this as a movie for a bored day, as it will bore you even more.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: I once said that "It's Pat!" was the worst of the SNL spinoff movies, but I forgot this one existed. Stuart Smalley is such a boring, one-liner character that it's hard for him to hold the audience's attention for a single sketch on TV, let alone an entire movie (even if that movie is a mere 97 minutes long.)

Rich B (jp) wrote: [color=black]This is truely the greatest live performance ever.[/color]


Dave R (fr) wrote: kurosawa's first movie is about a young and headstrong guy learning what takes to be a true judoka. while this definitely isn't kurosawa's best it's not a bad film. the technical aspects are quite good. the problem for me was that the characters lacked real depth.

Eric H (it) wrote: Fantastic precode comedy. It manages to be really dirty without actually saying anything. Something that is super rare for a 1930's film. Young Gary Cooper is good, and I couldn't help but love Miriam Hopkins. Its just a unique film for the time period and actually holds up really well today.

Pavel S (jp) wrote: Despite having a wonderful love story, and a beautiful performance from both Sir Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt, the movie has multiple cliches, like that of a spoiled, arrogant young businessman, a rich, benevolent father, and so on. However, I indulge my own subjectivity: the movie was a wonderful combination of love and drama, making it deeply enjoyable.