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Set in Cutter Mississippi, the film follows a man who discovers the dark truth about his neighbor and the secrets he may be keeping in the cellar.

In the town of Cutter, most people keep to themselves. But when John comes home to find his girlfriend missing, he becomes suspicious and sneaks into his neighbor's house. What he finds there is unnerving, to say the least. Will he escape the house alive or become another victim? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Arief I (nl) wrote: I cried when the MX song opened the film and STILL get the goosebumps right now.. yeah though there was no Scientist but still a great cinematic experience :') I <3 you Coldplay!

GirlMelody L (nl) wrote: This here, dude....dont make NO SENSE! lol I was clearly bored..

Michael W (jp) wrote: Another masterwork from esteemed Director Cirio Santiago. Cec Verrell holds her own as the steely-eyed title character. I prefer her professional look over her evening look; she had definite star potential. Police seemed overly excited when pizza and Coke are delivered to the precinct after a major drug bust.

Joy Grace O (ru) wrote: A romantic and Heroic true story directly from the Bible.

Carl G (es) wrote: Great concept. Funny moments. Overall bomb.

Dilan B (us) wrote: Thank the gods for Curb Your Enthusiasm. If that show hadn't been made, Larry David's legacy may have been irreperably tarnished by this horrondeous film. It's remarkable that someone almost solely responsible for two of the best sitcoms ever could make this piece of shit. This film - which is up (or down) there with Catwoman as worst films i have ever seen - has probably the worst performed characters of any film. Even the few times when there are perhaps hints of the David style comedy it is completely mitigated by the horrible actors. It's strange though, because in 1997 you would have assumed David could get a really good cast of actors for a project of his. I'm putting this film down to him being bored but thinking that he should do something.

Bruce B (gb) wrote: Smart and lethal traveling actor and gunman Joe Clifford (a fine and credible performance by Anthony Steffen) inherits a gold mine from his uncle. Ruthless town boss Berg (splendidly played to he snarling hateful hilt by Eduardo Fajardo) controls said mine. When Joe finds out that Berg killed his uncle, he decides it's time for some major payback. Director Leopoldo Savona, who also co-wrote the clever and involving script with Eduardo Manzanos Brochero, does a solid and straightforward job with the sturdy material: the snappy pace rarely lets up for minute, the tone is fairly serious, yet playful, the thrilling shoot-outs are handled with rip-snorting flair, and there are nice moments of inspired dark humor sprinkled throughout. This film further benefits from sound acting by an able cast, with stand-out contributions from the lovely Mary Paz Pondal as sultry saloon gal Rita, Fernando Cerrulli as amiable rascally drunk Doc Klan, Giulio Baraghini as the corrupt Sheriff Floyd, and Fernando Bilbao as fierce behemoth Bodo. The large scale climactic confrontation between Joe and the townspeople versus Berg and his goons totally smokes in no uncertain terms: This extremely exciting and impressively epic set piece takes up the whole last third of the picture and really delivers the stirring goods like nobody's business. Julio Ortas' handsome widescreen cinematography gives the film a pleasing crisp look. Bruno Nicola provides a spirited and harmonic orchestral score. Highly recommended.. 3 1/2 Stars 1-10-14

Matthew S (it) wrote: It seems almost silly to write any opinion on such an iconic example of The French New Wave. But, for the record, this disarmingly simple "little" movie is filled with so many infamous and puzzling moments -- the sheer charm and absolute coolness of it makes it a great cinematic experience.

Troy K (kr) wrote: 3/5 Funny as hell, but the tired plot fizzles out at the end.

Milly L (au) wrote: A very powerful film about freedom, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron uses stunning visuals to convey a story told from a wild mustang. It has a beautiful story line that makes you feel empowered but also tugs at your heart strings. This film is perfect for anyone of any age, and certainly a movie that you won't forget.

Alex K (ru) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

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