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The Net

Angela Bennett is a freelance software engineer who lives in a world of computer technology. When a cyber friend asks Bennett to debug a new game, she inadvertently becomes involved in a conspiracy that will soon turn her life upside down. While on vacation in Mexico, her purse is stolen. She soon finds that people and events may not be what they seem as she becomes the target of an assassination. Her vacation is ruined. She gets a new passport at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico but it has the wrong name, Ruth Marx. When she returns to the U.S. to sort things out, she discovers that Ruth Marx has an unsavory past and a lengthy police record. To make matters worse, another person has assumed her real identity ...

The film centers on Angela Bennett who is a freelance software analyst is asked about special software by a client. Suddenly, the client passes away and she realizes that she is involved a deadly conspiracy. She must find the way to rescue herself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (es) wrote: too slow, too much nothing, too sad. Michelle Wiliams did great, but still it did not safe the film in my eyes. If something exiting would have happened, but no. nothing exiting.

Kevin B (it) wrote: I liked this movie, eh I think I saw a few people I knew in this movie. O wait no I didnt lol.

Maxwell J (de) wrote: Must see. Stealing American elections is a snap. Watch the poll watchers.

Frances H (au) wrote: Interesting chick flick, that I liked, even though I'm not a big Demi Moore fan, because, after all. I am a chick, albeit an old one, but a chick is a chick for all of her life and never outgrows romance. In fact, the older the chick, the more we need romance, and this flick delivers. If you liked this one, you might also like Firelight.

rocknblues 8 (ca) wrote: Chuck Norris plays small town sheriff Dan Stevens that is forced to bring a murder (Brian Libby) to justice after the town doctors have made the murder near superhuman. Unlike most of Chucks movies, this is more of a horror/thriller type of movie. It has it's weaknesses, but it's fairly intense taking everything into consideration. It's another one of those guilty pleasures for me.

Chris (ag) wrote: Solid enough Western

David M (ru) wrote: Yaaaaaaaa! This is one of my favorite movies. It's cool, it's fun, unique.

Aaron C (mx) wrote: An idiot movie made by an a genius of the genre pity its in writing not directing, more fun than it deserves to be,and theres something creepily unsettling post duel about the truck that is tracking down Lisa Simpson and her husband. When AC/DC `s Who Made Who cranks up you can`t help but smile.