The New Maverick

The New Maverick

Gambling brothers Bret (James Garner) and Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) are, as usual, hot on the trail of a fast buck.

Gambling brothers Bret (James Garner) and Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) are, as usual, hot on the trail of a fast buck when they find themselves partnered with the eager-but-inexperienced Ben ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen L (it) wrote: Caine can't seem to settle onto an American accent to use. And the more the movie goes on you realize just how unlikeable the character is until, ultimately, there is no point in watching it at all.

Najd G (ca) wrote: About the cinematic equivalent to driving through Nebraska.

Ben L (gb) wrote: Ordinarily there are two types of movies that are extremely easy to talk about: ones I love, and ones I hate. Usually it's only the middling movies where I struggle to have the passion to articulate much about the experience. Well, There Will Be Blood is a film that I absolutely loved and by all rights I should be overflowing with words to describe why, yet I'm having trouble pinpointing what it was that made me so passionate about it. I think it's pretty obvious that one thing that makes it special is the stunning performance from Daniel Day-Lewis. There's so much depth to the character of Daniel Plainview that I never knew what to expect next. It felt like at any moment he could reach across a table and stab the person he's talking to in the neck, or just as easily embrace them with an insincere hug. The plot of the film perfectly shows how passion and determination shaped this character, and how he could either have great success or great failure because of his pride. At first I was put off by Paul Dano in the role of the young pastor who makes Daniel's life more difficult. But, as the film progressed, I saw how his baby-face and grating personality would be perfect for someone who stands in Daniel's way.So many of the moments in There Will Be Blood are the kind of things that I would ordinarily hate. It is slow-moving and long, the plot is not unique or complex, and most of the characters are completely unlikable. Yet I was absolutely mesmerized by this film. The cinematography was perfect, the music set a great tone, the dialogue was sparse but always meaningful, and so much was going on in the characters' heads even when no words were spoken. The ending might be one of the most intense and unexpected ways to conclude a film that I can imagine. Even though I have heard certain lines of dialogue from that scene before, I didn't realize the context and they mean nothing until you hear them delivered by Daniel Day-Lewis. When it was done all I wanted was to know what happened next. They left me wanting more, and yet also resolved everything that the film had been building towards. I think all movie fans should give There Will Be Blood a chance. It is a movie that resonated with me in ways I never would have expected, and in my opinion it probably should have won against The Departed for Best Picture.

Angus D (kr) wrote: Another true story in the vein of Hotel Rwanda. A moving portrayal of the awful events in 1994. While a good, very affecting story, somehow the central performances were not *quite* there for me. Not sure why.

Martin D (fr) wrote: It's said that sex and religion are two subjects that no one can discuss without arguing; writer/director Jane Campion tackles both head-on in this satiric comedy drama. On a trip to India, Australian Ruth (Kate Winslet) has a spiritual awakening and embraces the teachings of a guru named Baba. Back home in Sydney, Ruth's mother and father (Julie Hamilton and Tim Robertson) are appalled to learn that their daughter now answers to the name Nazni and has no intention of returning. Mother visits her daughter in India in hopes of convincing her to come home, but it's not until she suffers a life-threatening asthma attack that Ruth agrees to return for a visit. Mother pretends to arrange a meeting with Ruth's father, who has been ill, and this trick lands Ruth in the clutches of P.J. Waters (Harvey Keitel), an American exit counselor who deprograms members of religious cults. Waters begins to loosen Ruth's belief in Baba's teachings, but P.J. finds himself sexually attracted to Ruth, and in time she allows him to seduce her. Ruth soon turns the tables on P.J., as she discovers that sex allows her to make mincemeat of his long-held beliefs as a macho, misogynist male. Jane's sister Anna Campion, herself a director, co-authored the screenplay; Pam Grier appears in a supporting role as P.J.'s partner and girlfriend.

Diganta B (au) wrote: An exceptional crime thriller with fashion, grand moments & connecting plot.

Andrew C (au) wrote: Not bad, especially if you're a Kevin Smith fan, but not that great either. I think my favourite joke was the guy who couldn't get the magic eye picture :p

Josh G (it) wrote: The worst movie I ever seen. Watched every single Jason movie recently. This has to be one of the worst movies of all time. I remember it being bad from the one other time I watched this, but damn it doesn't even compare. Even with my mindset being good which makes movies more enjoyable, this was still straight trash

Tim G (gb) wrote: I was not impressed with another stakeout one bit it was not necessary to make a sequel to this film rosie o'donnells character ruins the film I found her to be very pushy and over bearing

Catie Li M (es) wrote: Very good, heart warming of a woman who was sold from China from her family and would not be a whore in a mining town. She worked as a slave until one day a man gambled and won her freedom. She gained respect from the town, and later lived out her life on her own homestead.

Jordan P (nl) wrote: Stranding its familiar faces and fresh blood in the always horror-friendly hellscape of a hospital short on population, Halloween 2 builds on its iconic predecessor's legacy with a shocking character-driven twist, menacing suspense and a hearty helping of increased gore.

Allison F (gb) wrote: too many subtitles not enough violence. some bits were sooo funny. brad pitt doing an italian accent priceless

Jamie C (ru) wrote: In my eyes critics have always been harsh on Transformer films and this one again has been underrated it's better than the 2nd, Not as good as the 3rd and we all know the original is best, It was a risk changing the cast but Mark Whalberg gives the main human cast abit of muscle and can fight instead of running and screaming and making unfunny jokes like Shia Lebouf did, The action was well done and non stop which will please allot and annoy others, The plot was ok just not that much different to the others, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version but I bet it would of been great in places but annoying in others as sometimes it's a struggle to see what's always going on in the explosions and flying metal, My main concern was the random songs that play during some action scenes there was no need for them and they just were there to promote some rock groups latest single, The Dinobots were fun but underused in my eyes, Overall action packed, Amazing effects as always, Underrated as always it won't bring new fans to the table but current fans will be happy.