The New Swiss Family Robinson

The New Swiss Family Robinson

When Angelino Jack Robinson gets a new job in Australia, he decides to take his sissy wife Ann, brave sons Shane and Todd and wining daughter Elisabeth 'Lizzy' by sailing yacht from Hong Kong to Syndney. The gun he gets thrown in by Sheldon Blake proves disabled, and for a sinister reason: near Borneo, Blake's men turn up to capture them. The family escapes but loses the yacht on a reef. They build a cool camp on an island. But the pirates keep coming back, and the boys discover why: he hid a treasure in the yacht. Shane is also discovered and captured in more then one way by French plane wreck survivor Françoise, who later teams up with the family.

When Angelino Jack Robinson gets a new job in Australia, he decides to take his sissy wife Ann, brave sons Shane and Todd and wining daughter Elisabeth 'Lizzy' by sailing yacht from Hong ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen E (mx) wrote: It's not the most exciting or interesting movie out there, and I noticed a homage or two to Chinatown, but thanks to a reliable story, some good acting, and, above all, impeccable direction from Carl Franklin, Devil In A Blue Dress is an enjoyable watch. It's a worthy addition to the neo-noir genre.

Honor M (fr) wrote: I cant stand Steven Seagal

Greg N (br) wrote: I'm reviewing this cause my little brother hates Donald Cammell. It isn't the best movie ever made but it does have a scene where the killer straps dynamite to his chest causing his daughter to say "Daddy is strapping hot dogs to his chest."

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Stephanie D (ru) wrote: Not really a fan of Judy Garland but the story was cute although predictable.

Matthew P (br) wrote: It may be interesting for some people, but surrealism was never my thing. It's okay in my opinion.

Nadim S (us) wrote: I laughed a lotThe actors are so funny but still it can get boring at a certain time

Rob P (ru) wrote: Good film, harrowing though.

Josh A (ag) wrote: While it is technically a very well-made film, and Chastain's strong performance is the driving force, it is also unnecessarily long, over-simplified, not very entertaining, devoid of any true emotion, chaotically filmed, and I fear that it's also not an entirely truthful depiction of events.