The New Twenty

The New Twenty

Five best friends in their late 20's discover new truths about themselves and the friendships they thought would last forever.

Five best friends in their late 20's discover new truths about themselves and the friendships they thought would last forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Annie C (kr) wrote: One of those gems that could easily be missed! Love ivy Ho's work - subtle, real, natural, romantic, humourous and most of all, she can bring out essence of Hong Kong. What a choice of location. Wan Chai (where Hennessy Road is) has been transformed in the last few years from a busy, lower-middle class, residential, business, market, everything mix to an artsy, cultural place where galleries, sous chefs, heritage building, temples are centred with many of the existing character intact. Ivy Ho is a director to watch!

Connor F (nl) wrote: This fantastic finale finally closes one of the greatest trilogies of all time

Dawn C (mx) wrote: ignore the flixster synopsis--where do they get these f*$^ing morons? this movie is brilliant. the acting is great; subject matter hefty; most of all, title says it all. (so if you don't find time to see movie, at least think upon the title--fun!) kind of reminded me of the book i never finished reading The Denial of Death, which, imo, despite its pulitzer win, sucks ass. this movie says it far better. manage to stay awake (mebbe a coffee or three beforehand?), and you shall be rewarded. hint: schedule time for wine/whiskey/oysters afterwards (movie whets appetite).

rob m (au) wrote: good fun if you a taker fan

Meghan S (nl) wrote: Freaking amazing.... watch this! Seriously, amazing job on depicting human trafficking!

Paul D (it) wrote: Its a macabre 'Saw' wannabe that is inferior but works well enough until the perpetrators are revealed, at this point it loses its impetus and its edge.

Alexandre S (fr) wrote: "Direct Action" (2005) de Sidney J. Furie (1h37) USA (avec Dolph Lundgren) vu la t (C)l (C) sur la cha (R)ne TMC dans la nuit du lundi 23 au mardi 24 mai 2011 de 0h40 2h30 du matin !

Wes S (au) wrote: Boring, lacking story with uninteresting characters and slow dull scenes. There are hardly any fun wish-kills, and the Wishmaster himself feels different. It does get points for killing him a different way. The movie just doesn't stand up to the first two, and isn't entertaining enough to stick with.

Larry Y (de) wrote: adding based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation

Kim U (jp) wrote: Wat een onsamenhangende tv-film, vergeleken met andere tv-rampenfilms zoals 'Days of Destruction' en 'Flood'. Ondanks de cast is deze film niet van zichzelf te redden. Hij viel heel erg tegen.

Guy H (mx) wrote: While the main faults of the film lie in its over stylisation and its graceless aging, Oliver! is none the less an enjoyable family film with highlights including Onna White's extravagant choreography and Carol Reed's signature style of directing.

Federico F (ca) wrote: Digital motion picture film with 3D technology coming from one of the most expensive films in the world coming into the story. Follows a very copied the plot from some little film disney, but the rest can compete with many kinds of adventure, action, and romance

Austin G (kr) wrote: Man this movie, Steve Carells amazing performance works this movie to the right place..... I loved this moving, eye opening, drama, perfect mix of funny and dramatic stuff and just the amount of Steve Carells awkward charecter, that you can't just help to feel sorry for... Amazing movie!!!! 5/5 stars

Josh L (fr) wrote: The film is to be watched just for laughes, even though it is unintentionally funny..

Patrick W (ag) wrote: stunning animation thanks to Roger Deakins. It's essentially a story about coming of age and being different at its core.

Muffin M (gb) wrote: I own this on DVD in a two movie pack along with:* Christine (1983)