The New World

The New World

A drama about explorer John Smith and the clash between Native Americans and English settlers in the 17th century.

Behind Virginia exploration, and the changing world these are loves of Pocahontas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The New World torrent reviews

Koushik K (gb) wrote: Fun, Full-fleged entertainment, Spicy Indian commercial masala fare.

Adrian Z (kr) wrote: Josh Lawson plays Ben, 27 year old marketing hot shot who begins to realize that his material success does not equal happiness. His life is depicted as obviously meaningless, something his well-meaning friends and relatives can't quiet help to improve. Coming from the makers of The Castle, the potential for comedy gold and sharp commentary was there, but the film ends up being strangely aloof and diluted, probably because it doesn't have enough material for it's nearly two hour running time. Lawson didn't convince me as the hot shot type either, acting like an awkward, uncharismatic mess throughout the film, and looking distinctly average - and yet women have been scripted to throw themselves at his feet. The rest of the cast, though, good. Don't get me wrong, it's amiable enough viewing, with some good moments of humour sprinkled throughout, which tells me would have made for a better 80 to 90 minute film. Stick through the end credits for a very amusing deleted scene.

Jos Luis A (ca) wrote: With lots of The Truman Show and The Hunger Games references, this is one of the greatests "horror" and fantasy movies recently made.

Frances H (it) wrote: Deeply touching drama about the effects of the tragic death of child has on all those involved. Excellent performances from a fine cast portray reactions that one could see ones' self having. All critics (this site) have called it excessively maudlin, how could the death of a child not cause such extreme reactions?

Gail B (kr) wrote: Penelope Cruz is underrated. She is a very versatile actress. Worth checking out.

Jay D (fr) wrote: Superb. We need more films like this!

Donald C (gb) wrote: ace! loads of ninja acton. perticularly like Steve James. Now for American ninja 3.

Gary T (kr) wrote: Mediocre comedy that had a couple of cute scenes in it. The telekinesis aspect went over the top for the most part. Part of the problem with the film was that none of the characters could really be identified with. Chevy Chase while trying to be portrayed as the "nice guy" came across as a total wet blanket, while Dabney Coleman was the self-centered narcissistic egomaniac from hell.

David H (it) wrote: A great and realistic Anti-War Movie which is settled on a Island where a few Americans and Japanese fight each other but then declare a Ceasefire but ive it hold? A great Lesson about the Absurdity of War, that it can't be a Winner, that Both Sides are extremly similar just on different Ways another Advantage is that the Japanese talk Japanese together also a great Part of Frank Sinatra and a great Score

Gregory W (gb) wrote: good early western and Mix's last film.

Jamin M (us) wrote: I like this movie. The story is decent. It's also very funny, energetic, nicely animated, and has likeable characters. It's obviously one of Adam Sandler's best films. The voice acting is very good, too. Sandler does an awesome job as Dracula. The characters, like I said, are very likable. Mavis is cute and sweet, Drac is funny as heck, Johnny is fun, and Frankenstein, Murray, Griffin, and Wayne, are all great as well. It's just such a funny movie. The humor is just so bizzare and crazy that you can't help but laugh. The story may be thinly scripted and it's no masterpiece, but I think Hotel Transylvania is lots of fun with really good humor and a sweet, lighthearted feel to it. I guess many adults may not find it too great, but it's worth at least one viewing

Allfarid M (ag) wrote: 'I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread' Bilbo's words describe the feeling of a small book converted into 3 long movies