The New York Ripper

The New York Ripper

A burned-out New York police detective teams up with a college psychoanalyst to track down a vicious serial killer randomly stalking and killing various young women around the city.

A burned-out New York police detective teams up with a college psychoanalyst to track down a vicious serial killer randomly stalking and killing various young women around the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pakee W (de) wrote: Movie Of The YEAR!!! The film was emotionally deep for those able to comprehend as well as athoroughly watchable plot...highly recommended for the elite audience =)

Juli N (jp) wrote: Heart Pounding, Adrenaline Rushing, Kick Ass, Take No Prisoners Thriller! From beginning till the end it grabs you by the jugular and throttles you into complete and utter submission!

Luke C (es) wrote: Rocket Science is a quirky gem packed with brilliant indie charm carried along by a great narrative and an amazing soundtrack. Rocket Science follows the story of a timid high school boy with a speech impediment who decides to join his high school debate team to chase love. First of all anyone who doesn't like Indie films (specifically quirky romantic indie films) may not like the movie due to the pacing, storyline etc but it was perfect for me. When I saw this film I only expected a good performance from Anna Kendrick and that's it but after watching it I was speechless with my mouth wide. It really left me speechless because it ends on such a great note leaving the viewer with an amazing message and moral. The acting was brilliant from Reece Daniel Thompson doing a great speech impediment and he played his role very well and was thoroughly believable. Anna Kendrick was amazing but often her character can be hard to keep up with. And like films including Drive, the soundtrack is EXCELLENT and one of the best parts as all the songs fit the right tone bang on. Sometimes we hear a Narrator monologuing and his dialogue was so good as he WAS the true voice of Hal. The characters are brilliant and you get more than mere high school stereotypes and instead you get a main character some could relate to and empathise with while being highly engrossing at the same time. And side characters who never really felt unnecessary. Maybe this is because it is loosely based on the director of the film's childhood (Jeffrey Blitz). Like previously mentioned the ending is fantastic and like endings reminiscent of The Mist, it will not be for everyone and at first most will feel robbed but once you truly understand the deeper meaning and what has truly happened; you appreciate it and can't believe it's excellence. This does have that kind of cliched quirky indie formula but it feels original, always heartfelt and natural. I hate to wrap it up so soon because I don't know if I have done it enough justice but overall Rocket Science is an amazing, relatable, touching, moving and breathtaking indie romantic coming of age story that comes full circle with an amazing lesson at the end that will definitely leave you speechless.

Asif K (it) wrote: not interested in these monster movies

Moya W (ag) wrote: Leaving (Partir) is a story about passion and lust, about falling in love and abandoning your family. I found this movie quite predictable, seeing as I could understand just about how the movie would end from the very beginning. I thought things moved way too quickly and everything happened too fast. Which means that nothing really felt that realistic. When the ending came, the movie just left me empty. I had no real feelings towards it. Since I had kind of predicted everything that was about to happen from the very beginning, and when almost the exact same thing that I had predicted happened, I just couldn't have any true emotions towards the film. The movie was slightly too short for a storyline like this one, and I guess there's a reason for that, because had it been any longer I would have fallen asleep. But the storyline could have been made better and more realistic, and it was a shame that it wasn't.

Zach T (ca) wrote: Not as terrible as everyone says, but way worse than it sounds on paper.

Jacob W (ru) wrote: A classic high school comedy that will deliver the laughs through the ages. Penn gives us one of the most iconic stoners in Hollywood history. In the end, there's no real plot to the film and that's the only shot I can take at this film. It's well worth a fun night. (79%)

RE E (nl) wrote: Sparkling, buoyant clever, sweet, and memorable. Has some of the best lines of the films of its era. Rosalind Russell was as great or greater an actress/comedienne as Lucille Ball. Russell---she IS Auntie Mame and no one else can really capture this role. Great cast. Note this is the movie NON musical version of the story. A film version of the play Russell made so famous. Brilliant.

Joel A (ca) wrote: This was a film of mixed emotions to me, it had charm & charisma but it was all over the place.Audrey Hepburn was fantastic but there isn't many films she is not, but the film didn't seem to have a set story it just jumped back & forward. The film was set in the larger part rural France so the film was gorgeous to look at.Other than a few chuckles here & there I couldn't see the point of the film & I struggled to get into it...has a few good scenes but no masterpiece.