The Newlydeads

The Newlydeads

The owner of a lakeside resort murders a transvestite. Fifteen years later, a spirit comes back and starts killing honeymoon couples.

The owner of a lakeside resort murders a transvestite. Fifteen years later, a spirit comes back and starts killing honeymoon couples. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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vincent d (br) wrote: A Company Man is a tired exploitation of the Korean revenge movie genre. The synopsis is almost a copy/paste of A Bittersweet Life, and has the same main actor playing an identical type of character. The biggest difference I found is that A Bittersweet Life has an awesome soundtrack while A Company Man score is nothing but memorable. Otherwise, the ressemblance is so obvious that as the story unveiled itself, i found myself exponantially hoping I was rewatching ABSL instead.

Bud L (ca) wrote: great cast and well worth watching

Near (us) wrote: fell asleep as soon it start

Brett A (br) wrote: This should be seen by people just so they can see what really goes goes on in certain, well, Southern parts of the country. The intention is all well and good, but the film isn't really as entertaining as it could've been giving the subject matter and talent at hand. I assumed that it would be lighter in tone since all I know of Ingram are his hilarious conversations with Kevin smith, but I can't really fault a documentary for not making me laugh. An amateur effort, but it works as a conversation piece, that's for damn sure.

(de) wrote: Despite its apparent low-budget and sometimes-rather shoddy acting, I enjoyed the humor, darkness, and strangeness.

Ieda S (de) wrote: syg aish lm citer hanye byg2 jer..

Brian B (ca) wrote: So the year is 1980...and Walken is wearing some weird ass pants. I mean, the cut of his trousers is unfortunate. I dvr'd this off IFC, and it is certainly worth a try if you liked the film version of Forsyth's "The Day of the Jackal" (later reinterpreted as The Jackal with Bruce Willis shooting Jack Black's arm scene). He also wrote the book this film is based on. So, weird pants, super grenade-launcher gun HEAVILY featured in the trailer, Walken, and mercenaries mindlessly blowing up a small African force gets three stars.

Brandon C (de) wrote: When all the monsters are on screen it's a blast. When it's some of the human characters not so much. The 3 1/2 hr runtime doesn't help either. 75/100

xou x (ru) wrote: The Cold Eternal. The film was honored by awards so I decided to check it out. And my god was it horrible. Every serious moment was laughable, the dialogue was silly to hear, and the scares were just....well not scary. The plot follows Sam(Thomas Calabro) whos a struggling writer. He gets a job at the local store. He soon finds out that his boss is already dead and is using other peoples skin to live. Talk about eternal life...yuck. This movie is just a waste of time. It won the awards out of pity. Calling it classical and one of a kind. Well it is, for being the dumbest horror movie I have ever seen. It tries to be a hostel flick that takes place in coolers instead of large abandoned buildings. Oh yeah, the funny part is that it all takes place in the back rooms of a small liquor store. How suprisingly stupid. The acting was horrible and the only decent job was done by James Russo who plays the obsessed cop. A man whos been in 90 movies and yet, mediocre. Everyone else were amateurs. The lines are plain and the musical score were so badly used that you didnt really understand what the situation was. They used a suspense score for a job interview. I mean, COME ON! The film is just sick and tries to mimic other horror movies. It fails even at that, so in the end you get a big fat ZERO. The writing was bad, the directing was bad, even the action was bad, There is no reason to like this film unless you liked watching prostitutes get skined alive. Which is a pretty odd fetish. The funny part is that the prostitutes brought actual light to the film. After watching this pile of junk, I had to make the comparison. This is a Hostel ripoff and it seems boobs are a better sight then this. Skip it and if you happen to own it. Just burn it. Not to forget the special effects. I know this is a small budget film but come on. I felt like I was watching a 1960 space film. Even the flames looks incredibly fake. Talk about effort. This is a effortless film. Has no desire to become interesting and its goal is to try to piss us off. Honest to god, it succeeds. Chill tries to become an original piece of work but lackluster effort makes this pickup trash for early monday. 0/4

Anders A (kr) wrote: The modernistic elitist dreaded world turns into a shitpile of endless hopelessness and meaninglessness.

Zach W (es) wrote: Absolute garbage. I did not even make it halfway through. Terrible acting, a pointless plot, and endless vices behind every character make it impossible to root for anything and comedy was nonexistent. As an African American, I can watch this and firmly say this is a movie about a bunch of African Americans who are just constantly trying to find something to get mad at white people about.

Paul C (de) wrote: I hated this film in every way, felt like a literal compost pile that would never be good useable compost. kinda like they used stale dried up cat crap. pathetic film for the actors in the film, excluding Will forte, as I dislike just about everything he does. Its a sad sad day when the pepsi comercial was better than this film.

Avi J (es) wrote: A pretty damn funny and overlooked movie. Would've been a blockbuster if America was more like Canada. I wonder how this movie did in Canada? There's nothing Canadian about this movie, I just think everyone looks like actual people and not that Hollywood bullshit is what i'm saying

Carrie T (es) wrote: The Wild Life, though very loosely based on Robinson Crusoe, offers a colorful cast of characters and beautiful animation to keep us invested in its by-the-book story of a man stranded on an island with animals story.