The Next Day

The Next Day

A man and woman have a one night stand. The unexpected consequences of such a union change their lives.

A man and woman have a one night stand. The unexpected consequences of such a union change their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jovon T (ru) wrote: A great story cool action and redemption but not Vengeance. Lovin' these DC Comics animated movies!

Walter M (nl) wrote: When I was in college, I would occasionally play a friend in chess. And he admitted he had a hard time playing me, because of my strategy. I didn't have one, so he could not see ahead what I was going to do. Luckily, the documentary "Bobby Fischer Against the World" has a lot to say on the subject of chess strategy, so I was able to learn a thing or two for possible future reference. At the top of the chess pantheon was Bobby Fischer, chessmaster and one time world champion, who was able to play entire games in his head and could outplay almost any other opponent. Sadly, that also included himself, as that same monomania which made him so successful at chess, made him that much less successful as a human being.(There is an intriguing chicken vs. egg debate here concerning his mental illness.) Later in life and post fame, he retains his intelligence to antagonize everybody he encounters with his own brand of twisted and bigoted logic while losing his mind. Centered as the documentay is around the 1972 Chess World Championship versus Boris Spassky, who is still very much alive, oh by the way, Cold War politics come into play.(This chess match was apparently a very huge deal. I love the newscasts of the day that would go - "Watergate...McGovern...but first chess...) But to counter something said in the film, yes, the Soviet state supported its athletes, but they were not professional in the way we think of them today. Rather, they were probably allowed to live in a pretty nice apartment and did not have to stand on line for food.

Gabriel C (br) wrote: Wes Anderson's impeccable visual style and colorful characters win over audiences once again in Moonrise Kingdom.

Leocadio V (kr) wrote: The message from the movie is good. But the rest of it sucks.

Josh R (ag) wrote: It's a cheesy movie, and semi entertaining.

da pain e (ag) wrote: the documentary itself was pretty good at showing satisfyingly different aspects of each sculpture, including process. some very cool pieces, and conceptually gratifying. a man-sized pine-cone looking thing withstanding in and outgoing tides? sweet. it's hard for me to imagine being his family member though.

Laura V (kr) wrote: i enjoyed this movie mainly because of helen's appearance but the storyline was quite interesting and the outcome was not what i was expecting.

Nick M (us) wrote: A really enjoyable movie. Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep are perfect together. Rip Torn is fantastic as Brooks' defender. Really, if I had to choose one flaw, I'd say the score was a little overbearing at times. The better a movie is, the more nitpicky the complaint. It's just a really solid movie that just makes you feel good inside.

Keith C (fr) wrote: Watching this movie within a modern context, knowing what came after (a silly over the top action franchise and even, briefly, a cartoon show) makes it an almost surreal viewing experience. One of the most original action movies I've ever seen, and surprisingly moving in spots, with a fascinating story and a wonderful performance from Stallone.

Jason K (es) wrote: One Of the Best animated movies I Have Seen Because the animation Is extremely pretty,The Characters Are Very Likable,The Songs Are Catchy,And The Voice Acting Is Spot OnDefinitely Recommended