The Next Generation: Patlabor

The Next Generation: Patlabor

Twelve-episode (13 counting the prologue "Episode 0") live action PATLABOR film/TV series, set a decade after the end of Mamoru Oshii's original OVA and films, and centered around the often comical adventures of the new Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Special Vehicles Unit 2.

In a world where giant robots are built and used for labor, a special police force of robots is created to handle crimes relating to these machines. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (mx) wrote: Most probably because of unfamiliarity, it looks so real- so desperately, yet disturbingly, real. Meanwhile, absurd.

Liam C (nl) wrote: This movie by comparison to Movie 43 makes that movie look like Shakespeare. Where to even begin with this. You have to know this is going to be bad going in to it and that is the reason I watched it in the first place so I can't really hate on it for not being good, but I had no idea it was going to be THAT bad. The whole APP thing is in the movie makes sense, sort of, for going back from sketch to sketch but besides that it's completely pointless and a total after thought that was probably implemented after everything was said and done to give it some sort of gimmick. The main 4 sketches, sort of, were not good and then there were 3 tacked on one shot things that lasted about 50 seconds. Flirty Harry was probably the only thing that even came close to making me laugh because it was absolutely absurd that Every. Single. Line. That Adrien Brody said was a joke about gay sex, I didn't laugh at it but I was close to, I just had more a look of shock on my face that they managed to write him lines that actually made sense to the 'story' that was going on. Porno Review was stupid, only was on twice and they made a rather off putting joke about Rihanna and Chris Brown, nothing else to really comment in there. Blackass was quite lazy and that already exists, it's a bunch of racial skits that go for shock value and some of them are fun to watch in a way just to see where they go and how stupid they get but there were WAY too many of them. The worst offender is the Amazing Racist, not even for the fact he was racist it's just how painfully unfunny and annoying the host is, anytime he was on the screen I just wanted to knock his damn lights out, all of it was hidden camera stuff but it felt like it was scripted to be hidden camera if that makes sense. It felt like it was supposed to be the random hidden camera skit where people on the street see a man do something in public he shouldn't but the way that some of the people reacted to what he was doing seemed totally unreal, I doubt an Asian car driver would put up with having tape on their head to 'open their eyes more' it was nice to see someone beat the hell out of him in one of the final skits. I have no idea why this was funded or why it was made. You have the damn shamwow guy directing a 'comedy' that probably had way more money put into it than it should have and they must have known that they weren't going to get their money back, it didn't even make a million in the box office, it was a critical failure and wasn't even screened for critics. So who the hell was this movie made for? I understand the point of offensive humor, I do, it's there to just be offensive and get a reaction out of you but this really wasn't trying and just did jokes that were funny like 15 years ago. But there are just some things you don't joke about, again, the Rihanna getting beaten up by Chris Brown? Really? That's not on and the KKK is just a NO GO area. The only positive I can think of is that the intro and outro music was good and the outtakes in the credits were okay at best but that's about it. I wish I could go back and give Movie 43 more than half a star now, because I'm going to give this exactly the same. Awful movie.

Claire B (gb) wrote: It could have been better, it should have been better. Once again though, James Franco gave a really excellent performance. My problem was with.....well, everything else. Not enjoyable in the least and I can't imagine anyone getting anything out of this unless they themselves have dealt with drug abuse. Otherwise, not even close to entertaining or touching.

Robyn L (ru) wrote: I truly love this film. I'm a huge fan of fantasy and this is the most creative fantasy film that i ever seen. It makes me think of Alice In Wonderland and Labyrinth and The Neverending Story and all those other classics except this is it's own story. It's a classic that in my opinion everyone should see.

Jon N (de) wrote: Highlights include albatross and the argument sketches.

Matt D (ag) wrote: Keenan Wynn was Disney's go to villain back then and he's always good for some entertainment. Seeing as most of the original cast didn't come back for this one he was the reason this was still enjoyable.

Ken S (fr) wrote: Really twisty British whodunit. Great dialogue and dark cinematography make this Criterion release worth seeking out.

Brett B (ru) wrote: An awkward but enjoyable mash-up of vampiric horror and high adventure. The plotting is a little uneven, and the characters barely more than one-note, but there's an eagerness to entertain on display that's infectious, the interplay between the cast members is good fun, and the atmosphere - as is the case with so many of Hammer's films - is top flight.

Greg R (fr) wrote: Far from a good adaptation of one of my favorite comic strips, but it's a kinda-sorta guilty pleasure.