The Nickel Ride

The Nickel Ride

Small-time criminal Cooper manages several warehouses in Los Angeles that the mob use to stash their stolen goods. Known as "the key man" for the key chain he always keeps on his person ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mob,   cabin,   gangster,  

Small-time criminal Cooper manages several warehouses in Los Angeles that the mob use to stash their stolen goods. Known as "the key man" for the key chain he always keeps on his person ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aiesha M (de) wrote: how do actaually see tge movie

Geophrey G (it) wrote: Some great vegan jokes.

Murad Z (fr) wrote: Better than 3 and 4 at least

Luciano G (es) wrote: Old school action with a heart...The acting is good, Winston was the right choice for the part....but what stood out for me was New Zealand....Cinema has photographed a magnificent land. The mountain ranges, woodlands, lakes and rivers are a pleasure to behold " you can watch 'Tracker' just for the scenery; it really is that attractive.....

Colin S (jp) wrote: It Sucked, but not as much as the first one

Martin J (br) wrote: Paragraph 175 is a maddening achievement. A gripping, concise, and visually appealing insight into the contradictory origins of Nazi Germany and it's views on homosexuality and the terrible turn they took. With over a half-dozen gay men and one lesbian from the actual time period sharing their life experience. But then comes the sad realization that almost none of these witnesses reveal anything about their time in the concentration camps! One man we meet survived eight and a half years in three concentration camps, going from Dachau to Mauthausen to Buchenwald! Extraordinary (this guy should purchase lottery tickets TODAY)! But we learn nothing about his time in the camps. I get that these guys are old and that there is still, sadly, shame within in them that took grip over fifty years ago and won't let go, but how can the directors make a film about the last gay survivors of Nazi concentration camps without getting them to talk about it? As a primer to the subject matter of Paragraph 175, the law that allowed the Nazi's to arrest and intern homosexuals and eventually kill ten to fifteen thousand of them, this is solid film making. On the actual subject matter of witnesses to a horrific period of time giving testimony, it is a near failure. Simply seeing these men and one woman, still alive, telling their tales, talking about sex, revealing what gay life was like prior to the Nazis and the terrible times leading to their internment, I still recommend this documentary. But when it's over you'll shake your head at the missed opportunity. Oh, and if you want to further scrape your fingernails across a chalkboard, listen to the directors commentary track. While there is some fresh insight into the film and the people behind it, you'll also pull your hair out listening to the two American directors reveal their ineptitude. At one point one boasts that they've made a documentary German film makers never could... I'm sure there are a lot of Germans in total agreement.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Just a few similarities to ROMANCING THE STONE. Action adventure with dimestore paperback hero emerging to help rescue a kidnapped American. Harmless entertainment and a concept with some potential but maybe a step down for an actor the calibre of John Hurt.

Kyle B (gb) wrote: One of the very best spaghetti westerns. Two strong leads and a powerful, politically charged story. A must see for fans of the genre.

Jason G (jp) wrote: Excellent film! The Duke does an incredible job as the captain of a doomed aircraft as he tries to keep his crew alive, healthy and hopeful in the Arctic wastes of Northern Canada. The Duke laughs in the face of impending death...(but he ain't smiling on the inside)! I find it intriguing that the plane they were flying crashed into a region of Canada that was "uncharted" as close back as the 40's when the film took place... Just goes to show you how far we've come in such a short time.... Great camera work... great performances... great tension build-up and finally, great character development! The "Hallucinatory" scenes are some of the best and most effective examples of fade-out / dissolves / scene changes I've seen in a film till even this day. The kind of film where you'll suddenly notice you've been developing a massive lump in your throat as you watch (and watch... and watch)... until the extremely satisfying end...

Mikeyy M (br) wrote: I love the action in this movie and Gerard Butlers performance, the only dull moment for me is the story telling but overall I think this is a well shot action packed film that I could watch again many times

Anthony M (us) wrote: La fin est decevante.