The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

A kind hearted, young orphan boy and his loyal cat discover the true spirit of Christmas in this delightfully animated Yuletide tale of musical, magical holiday cheer!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Two brothers who hate themselves are going to spend Christmas with their mother. She tries to get them together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Night Before Christmas torrent reviews

Alfin N (mx) wrote: Heart-wrenching christmas sex comedy (talking about unusual combination) where everybody learns how hurtful it is to be cheated and rejected.

Harry W (fr) wrote: With Inland Empire being David Lynch's last feature length film to date and teaming him up again with Laura Dern, it was a feature I had to behold.With the premise in Inland Empire chronicling a woman as she attempts to succeed in a Hollywood career, it comes off as being familiar to David Lynch's Academy Award nominated Mulholland Drive. Following the same kind of narrative path, Inland Empire has a premise which is convoluted and a plot structure which has never heard of the word consistency which works to its atmospheric benefit. At the same time, it is clearly likely to isolate viewers who are not already fans of David Lynch. Many people would be more critical of Inland Empire if his name was not on the director's credit, but because it is David Lynch showing a clever experimentation in surrealist cinema once again, fans of his should find appreciation for his relentlessly sick and twisted mind while newcomers are bound to be isolated and confused. The script itself is really interesting because though understanding the characters is a challenge, they are all interesting creations with strong dialogue and are perfectly cast. But they are more interested for how they are treated to the narrative than for being general creations.No stranger to testing the limits, David Lynch puts an all new kind of filmmaking style into Inland Empire. With the cinematography being built on cameras of a more average quality and following basic techniques, Inland Empire almost feels like it is shot in a documentary format which gives an odd sense of realism to the feature. Since realism is not synonymous with David Lynch in any sense of the word, it is intriguing to witness. The cinematography of Inland Empire gives it an interesting visual edge, and it captures the grim and dark colour palette of the production design very nicely. The lighting of the film is key to this because it keeps things dark yet easy to see, making for an interesting visual experience which is edited well. And with the power of a soundtrack that combines intense compositional pieces with some occasional jazz pieces and more, leading to a dark yet glamourous atmosphere. Inland Empire is an impressive exercise in style from David Lynch which compensates for a lot of the narrative complications.While the plot structure of Mulholland Drive was not chronological, Inland Empire follows that path a bit more clearly. It doesn't mean that the film is not convoluted, sick and twisted, but at least it is somewhat easier to make sense of. Returning to what he is best at, David Lynchc crafts a story which really tugs viewers all over the place. While the confusing elements of the film and the slow pace are a lot to take in, especially considering the fact that the film runs for nearly three hours, his gleeful passion for merciless surrealism injects a powerful atmosphere into Inland Empire which is unforgettable. Embracing the story is not always easy, but David Lynch's work is undeniable because the film is a truly haunting sentiment, being thoroughly scary and torturing to the mind. If the narrative of the film is not flawless, then the experience itself is powerful enough to leave most viewer shocked and that is where the true source of strength comes into play. Inland Empire above all is a powerful psychological thriller which is full of surrealism iconic of David Lynch. Since he has not made a film in the last nine years, Inland Empire simply serves as a reminder that he still has all his iconic talents and serves as a piece of hope that one day he will come back to wow audiences all over again. In all honesty, it is one of my more favourable of his films.And with perfect casting, Inland Empire does not fail to bring the best out of its actors.Laura Dern's leading performance in Inland Empire really gives the film its necessary human touch. In one of the finest leading performances from her entire career, Laura Dern has Inland Empire revolving entirely around her and capturing the interests of viewers. Her performance has been touted as one of her finest to date, and that is because she is at the centre of the film. Everything is about her, even if the narrative skews off from her story occasionally. After working intensively well with David Lynch on Wild at Heart, she returns to team up with him on Inland Empire to give a performance many call the best of her career and it is not hard to see why. She captures the determination and fractured innocence of Naomi Watts' character Betty Elms in Mulholland Drive, but with more engagement in the atmosphere and an unflinching passion for succumbing to the harsh nature of everything. Laura Dern proves to audiences that she is David Lynch's ultimate leading lady in Inland Empire, and her physical and emotional involvement in the role ensures that she has no trouble embracing the dark nature of the material at all.Justin Theroux is also great in Inland Empire. He consistently seems phased in his part as he stands up to the dark nature of the film with a perfect sense of just how sick and twisted it is. He accepts the world around him and engages with it on a level which is unflinchingly confident and displays his ability to interact with the surrounding cast very well, particularly with Laura Dern. Since he was also present in Mulholland Drive, he is a genial presence anyway, but he goes beyond being just that.Jeremy Irons is also very good due to his sophistication and his fearless approach to the dark subject matter, and the cameo of William H. Macy is a nice touch.So though Inland Empire is as convoluted, sick and twisted as you would expect as well as being a bit of a stretch, the intense and dark atmosphere of the film established by David Lynch's direction and Laura Dern's leading performance is unforgettable.

Pablo C (au) wrote: Podr ser un absoluto Cliche, pero siempre ser un placer ver a Justin Long y Jonah Hill en pantalla. Qu grandes los dos.

Gunpowder B (gb) wrote: A stirring slice of recklessness, Thirteen isn't creative enough to be truly edgy and spends too much energy glamorizing its vices to dignify any subsequent disavowal, but is salvaged by intense and gripping character drama.

Paul W (de) wrote: Ray Winstone as psycho bully is a cliche these days, but this remains his most powerful explosive performance. Kathy Burke is also fantastic - Winstone can go so large only because her performance is so brilliantly muted.

Carrie S (au) wrote: Loved this movie! A touching, heartfelt love story with a bit of tragedy. A great performance by Anthony Hopkins!

Private U (ru) wrote: I hear this was a TV movie?? It had some really good production value...Davies was EXCELLENT. That's some fine acting right there. This could have been a theatrical release in my book. Manson's girls were acted well also. Good film to check it out.

Benot R (fr) wrote: Honntement, je ne sais pas trop quoi dire sur ce film. On suit la vie d'escrocs minables, vivant de leurs petites combines. Fellini s'attache d (C)peindre des personnages qui s'enfoncent de plus en plus au point pour certains de ne pas pouvoir revenir en arrire. Picasso parvient bien sortir du milieu, mais une fois qu'il part, il n'int (C)resse plus Fellini, qui s'amuse suivre Augusto tourment (C) parce qu'il aimerait pouvoir revoir sa fille. Il y a quelque chose d'attachant chez Augusto, un peu une image du grand-pre qui se serait (C)gar (C), mais il ne fait rien pour s'en sortir et tente mme maladroitement de couvrir ses arrires. Bref, a s'enfonce a s'enfonce et a nous rend finalement d (C)!u de ne pas voir une autre issue. Si je n'ai rien redire en terme de mise en scne (le film est propre sans tre transcendant), l'histoire m'a vraiment ennuy (C). D'autant qu'il y a toujours cette manie de vouloir montrer tout bout de champ des ftes, pendant une longue dur (C)e (d (C)j dans La Dolce Vita, a m'ennuyait. Bref, assez d (C)u, a manque de second degr (C), d'autant que l'histoire aurait pu s'y prter.

Sophia C (kr) wrote: Ugh.... So bad. Script needs A LOT of touching up, and almost all the characters are insufferable; ignorant adults don't listen, aggravating children who are CONSTANTLY NOT THINKING. Plot unbelievable, and overly gruesome. Rather graphic and disturbing scenes with dead people in trunks.Some suspenseful moments, but on the whole, I wish I had my hour and half back.

April A (ca) wrote: mae west does the impossible and upstages w.c. fields...this film has more one liners than you can shake a stick at...if you're a lover of films, this is a must see!

Brian H (au) wrote: This is one of Peter Sellers finest works. The movie holds up over the test of time and I'd highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen it to make every effort to do so.

Lee R (de) wrote: Zombies and cannibalism

Brian S (au) wrote: A great walk and talk experiential film

Sai T (ca) wrote: After he crashes his bike into a stranger named Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos), Cam (Taylor Lautner) is introduced to her crew-a team that uses parkour to pull off heists. Hoping to alleviate his deepening debt to a violent crime gang, Cam quickly joins the group. As the stakes get higher with more dangerous side ventures, the payouts get bigger. Cam must use every ounce of his skill to stay alive as the crew's heists grow more daring with each job, and gang enforcers breathe relentlessly down his neck.