The Night Before Christmas: A Mouse Tale

The Night Before Christmas: A Mouse Tale

Animated holiday feature for the entire family, destined to become a classic. Based on the beloved poem by Clement C. Moore, the story begins on Christmas Eve.

Animated holiday feature for the entire family, destined to become a classic. Based on the beloved poem by Clement C. Moore, the story begins on Christmas Eve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler Z (it) wrote: Although some of the jokes miss and the plot is very jumbled at times, I really had fun with this movie. Seth MacFarlane did kinda bug me throughout due to his bitchy attitude but other than that it's a very funny movie. It's toilet humor for sure but when Seth MacFarlane does it, it doesn't feel the same as when Adam Sandler does it. MacFarlanes way is a lot more entertaining. Ted is one of my favorite comedies ever, so if you're a fan of MacFarlane like me, you should check out this movie.

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Matt F (mx) wrote: Totally silly, but you get caught up in this fluffy movie. Jim Carrey and Geena Davis are young here.

Andy S (kr) wrote: More satirical than either O Lucky Man! or If..., and somehow less satisfying. "What a piece of work is man."

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