The Night Heaven Fell

The Night Heaven Fell

Ursula, a young, sensuous French girl, arrives in a Spanish mountain community to visit her aunt and uncle. It isn't long before her uncle is killed by handsome stranger Lamberto and against her better judgement, Ursula falls in love with the killer...

Ursula leaves the convent where she was educated, to start living with her uncle, the count Ribera, and her aunt Florentine. When she arrives, she is confronted with a local drama: a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (au) wrote: sad but engaging character study here

Jason C (ag) wrote: Bad acting is at the top of this list. None of it is honest or real, and I think it is the actors faults mostly. Also i didnt crack even a smile throughout, falls flat!

Dave M (de) wrote: Ashton Kutcher in a sex comedy where he acts like a bigger douche than he is in real life. I'd rather spread my buttcheeks for a twelve pound cock than sit through this.

brittany s (ag) wrote: This can be compared to Fight Club in its depth and thought provocation. Another must see film; each time I watch it, I find something new.

Suan Sui G (gb) wrote: Well done. Now let's go do some heroin.

bill s (gb) wrote: Quirky little off the beaten path comedy that entertains for most of the movie.

Alex C (ag) wrote: merci au videodrome d'avoir eu accs ce film! C'est trash fond et hilarant. Vous aurez jamais vu un film ac autant de violence gratuite ;P

Tristan M (gb) wrote: Leonardo and Hanks are both incredible actors who've starred in some of the best films ever, and it was only a matter of time before they would meet. Leo is the star here, and like Al Pacino and Robert de Niro in Heat, are against each other in a cat a mouse game to get rich or go to jail. Leo does have more screen time, and he stands out as being a great actor and filling all of the interesting roles he takes up on the spot to avoid capture or make some extra bucks. Hanks character is just as good, in a less seen but respected role where he hunts down Leo. The movie does jump around a little bit, and spoils Leo's capture from the get go, however the ending is still different than we could have expected anyways, so it all turns out ok. The script is good and convincing, and Christopher Walkin's appearance as Leo's proud but sad father is nice, and he does well also. It's a non stop movie throughout, there's always something to hold your attention, not with action, but a chase, or good dialogue, an funny scene, or whatever it is it's all interesting and intriguing. Overall it's a very good movie, well done in all categories, with a good plot and story, backed by great actors, good script, and filmed very well.

Peter M (gb) wrote: quite a funny movie with a good cast.

Ola G (br) wrote: At the Yellowstream University, there is a strong rivalry between two of the college fraternities. When they are not mooning everyone they pass and throwing garbage on the lawns of rival frats, the members of the Pi Kappa Delta fraternity are mainly interested in drinking and... well, drinking. When a campus- wide farting contest is announced, J.J. 'Gross-Out' Gumbroski (John Distanti), one of the Deltas, is all too eager to stand up, bend over and defend the honor of his fraternity and win the prize money.I saw "King Frat" in the early 80s and it is a shameless rip off of "Animal House" which came out a year earlier. John Disantis character Gross-Out is of course an extremely bleak Bluto Blutarsky rip off. And one can find so many other things in "King Frat" that points in the direction of "Animal House", and the former is hardly close to the greatness of the latter. But, in some weird way I did slightly enjoy reseeing the idiocy of the Pi Kappa Deltas. Catchy title song as well.

Calvin C (us) wrote: This is the quintessential Fred & Ginger film if I had to pick. It's a 1930s screwball comedy that is still funny today. It is also the signature look of how we see Astaire and Rogers with the top hat and feathery flowing dress. "Cheek To Cheek" alone makes this film unforgettable to me. This is a classic in dancing, singing, and screen chemistry at its top form. Grade: A

A M (ca) wrote: two and a half stars for the single minute spent in the greenhouse.

Mitch H (es) wrote: Overall I enjoyed this movie. It had a great script with intriguing characters, especially in the case Campbell Scott who played Roger a fast talking, quick-witted, pompous womanizer. I could barely wait to hear what offensive phrase would come out of his mouth next. The great script, characters and cast were overshadowed by terrible lighting and dreadful cinematography that almost made the movie unwatchable. At times it looked like a 3-year old was shooting a home video.

Matt S (es) wrote: Stylish and flashy. Need I say more. Not much to talk about here but boy was it fun. The story is all over the place and so are the characters but that is just part of this film's charm.

Timothy M (ag) wrote: Classic. Sinatra at his most charming!