The Night Is Young

The Night Is Young

Marc (Michel Piccoli) recruits Alex (Denis Lavant), son of his former, now dead colleague. Alex is a card shark with a big dream to go out to the world and leave his own mark. His ...

In Paris in the near future. Aging thieves Marc and Hans owe money to a tough American woman who gives them two weeks to pay. They scheme to steal and sell a new serum for a disease that's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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peter c (us) wrote: Semi-suspense and action science fiction movie that doesn't quite pull it off on a number of levels. If you're content to throw scientific disbelief, low budget props and a script that almost descends into mawkishness at times, out of the reckoning then you might find this an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.On the other hand, if you're looking for a movie that grabs you by the seat of the pants and won't let go, avoid this.A global disaster movie that isn't, this story centres around a spaceship that inadvertently flies into the sun and triggers a series of solar flares that spell death and destruction for our planet.Careful direction and acting pull this disaster movie back from being a total disaster and, at the end, the disparate parts which make no sense for most of the time start to knit together.But, even though you might build up some sympathy for the main protagonists, the whole premise of the film, which presumably is that human beings always have the altruistic aim of the good of the race to guide and motivate them, doesn't really gel.One aspect you might gain from watching this is to change your attitude for that apparently benign star that we call the sun. One small change in the solar system can turn it into a killer. Watch and be warned.

Jeff H (br) wrote: Cheesy and predictable, sure, but pretty fun and cute. This one benefits from a good cast who carry the material far beyond what it would've been in the hands of second-rate actors.

Tanvir M (au) wrote: Riveting martial arts action sequences (nothing less is expected from Yuen Woo ping) make this fantasy epic enjoyable , a highly fictionalised story of the life of Begger Su, the man who introduced drunken style kung fu.

Sedonia G (fr) wrote: Hmm, sounds interesting and certainly not out of the realm of what I like to write.

Noname (es) wrote: A thriller/drama movie about a serial killer "Mr.Brooks" played by Kevin Costner. Demi Moore plays a detective/cop trying to get him caught. It is quite an entertaining movie i thought and well made. Its not so much violence or killings tho in this one. Worth seeing anyway.

ray h (ru) wrote: This is a good movie. It is set in the time of the Tang dynasty, circa 928. However, this is not historically accurate. Its enough to note it is set in dynastic China. We have an all-powerful Emperor Ping (Chow Yun-fat). Yun-fat is very convincing. He is the Emperor. The Empress, Phoenix (Gong Li) is also excellent. She is a very convincing actor. It does not hurt that she is also beautiful. In a male-centric society, even the Empress lives within severe limitations to her personal power and choices.This is a story of envy, jealousy, ambition, scheming, and palace intrigue. There is little kung fu style action; although there is some. There are over 1,000 soldier extras. Using CGI, the various army factions are multiplied to very large numbers. There are some engaging battles among the army foes.The story is very compelling. The sets and costuming are very elaborate. This was a good flic.

ken k (es) wrote: What a wonderful film highlighted by live performances by some of the original Funk Brothers. Their story runs an eerie parallel to that of the Wrecking crew. A wonderful magic carpet ride that ended abruptly and too soon. Good to see these wonderful people that touched so many lives finally get some well deserved recognition. Please do yourself a favor ...see it and add it to your collection of classics.

Amanda H (nl) wrote: Picture, if you will, a blender full of every teen movie cliche EVER. Then imagine some Hollywood bigwig putting the lid on the whole mess and hitting the button. This movie would be the result. I guess if you're in the mood for something uber-sappy and don't mind groaning every 30 seconds and fighting the urge to vomit from all the syrupy sweetness, this isn't too bad. But this isn't the kind of thing I could watch more than once.

Daniel L (au) wrote: Great movie. Needs to be added to Vudu or flixster. All other movies are there why not the first one. Same as short circuit they have short circuit 2 but not one what type of sense!

Al M (ca) wrote: Crawlspace is a claustrophobic film that takes place almost entirely within the vents of a secret government facility where something has gone wrong. A blend of sci-fi and horror, the soldiers find a strange young woman who seems to hold the key to strange occurrences at the institution. What unfolds is a somewhat original film that just doesn't quite live up to its ambitions. The film centers upon a drama built up with its characters, but part of the problem is that we never care about any of them...

Shawn M (gb) wrote: This film is very innocent. A few young men hope to get lucky, and must figure out just what "getting lucky" is. The real plot is that one boy becomes infatuated with an older women whose husband is off at war. The film was a bunch of long scenes put together, and was so simple is was enjoyable.

Thomas M (au) wrote: Hilarious little forgotten gem of a road trip movie. This little B-movie has a funny likeable cast (George Burns, Gracie Allen, W.C. Fields, Charles Ruggles) and some pretty funny situations. Love the dog.

Benot R (nl) wrote: Sur le fond, il n'y a rien dire, D.W. Griffith prouve ici qu'il est un personnage un peu en avance sur son temps et dnonce la socit de son poque, prenant position pour une femme ayant eu un enfant sans avoir t marie. La socit de l'poque voyant cela d'un trs mauvais oeil, la jeune fille va devoir tout quitter et se trouver un nouvel emploi. Mais ce dernier ne tient qu' un fil et elle pourrait tout perdre nouveau si son employeur dcouvre son pass. Le parcours de la femme de l'poque est trs compliqu alors que pour les hommes, il est normal d'avoir plusieurs aventures, pas pour une femme. Sur le forme, malheureusement, a a nettement mal vieilli avec des situations trs cliches, des problmes de rythme trop important que c'en est presque indigne de Griffith. L'oeuvre est parfois impossible regarder cinq minutes conscutives ou on s'endort. Toutefois, certaines squences reviennent hausser le niveau et dmontrent aussi une modernit de la mise en scne de la part du cinaste. Ct casting, rien redire.

Danny M (ag) wrote: Starts off quite slow but once it gets going it brilliant

Dylan F (gb) wrote: "The Way Back" is an entertaining film, with (mostly) good acting all the way around, but the hardships faced by the group are presented rather than felt. Entertaining as it is, and it is entertaining, the film lacked depth and emotion.