The Night of a Thousand Cats

The Night of a Thousand Cats

Millionaire playboy Hugo flies around Acapulco in his private helicopter to pick up sexy young women. He whisks them away to his secluded old castle, where he wines and dines them. With the aid of his bald mute little helper Gorgo, he kills his dates, keeping their heads in a crystal cage and feeding their chopped up body parts to his 1,000-strong army of blood thirty, flesh hungry cats.

Millionaire playboy Hugo (whose lack of facial expressions give him the appearance of a Thundercat marionette) flies around Acapulco in his private helicopter to pick up sexy young women. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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HungYa L (nl) wrote: Well, Jason Clarke put on so much more brilliant acting than others to be honest.

Roy C (fr) wrote: It's Malcolm in the Middle, with Alice in place of Malcolm. 'Look everyone, Alice wipes her hands with moo shu pork!'

Michael P (jp) wrote: 2.5 stars...but that's ONLY because of the ending. If it hadn't been for the ending this movie would have owed me stars!!!

Courtney G (br) wrote: I liked it but at times I was confused. I feel like I could appreciate it much more if I understood it completely.

Sacha C (de) wrote: This movie has a good cast but it was not exciting enough.

Oscar S (de) wrote: We are who we choose to be... now choose! - Green Goblin

Adam B (de) wrote: So beautifully shot and acted that you hardly notice how thin and predictable the plot is until it's over.

Peter S (it) wrote: There are 582 Ratings? Did that many people see this film? WOW!

Kevin R (it) wrote: The hell with Dingus Magee!Dingus Magee is an outlaw in a small western town that kind of gets away with what he wants. He has also made peace with the Native Americans and has recently targeted robbing a train. He comes across a man on the road that he used to know and robs the man of his money. The man goes to the local town, talks to the mayor (who happens to own a brothel), and becomes sheriff. The new sheriff will stop at nothing to arrest Dingus Magee."Little Big Horney.""Horn."Burt Kennedy, director of The War Wagon, The Train Robbers, Hannie Caulder, Support Your Local Sherriff, Comanche, Where the Hell's that Gold, and The Killer Inside Me, delivers Dirty Dingus Magee. The storyline for this picture is funny, entertaining, and well written. The characters interact together perfectly and there is some nice comedic sequences in this film. The acting is very good and the cast includes Frank Sinatra, George Kennedy, Anne Jackson, and Jack Elam."I'm even going to kill your dog."I came across Dirty Dingus Magee on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to DVR a movie with this title starring Frank Sinatra! I found the film fun and well done. They used Sinatra well in a role he didn't have to take too seriously. This is definitely a fun western that is worth a viewing and has great entertainment value!"They have the whole army looking for me. Me. Dingus Magee."Grade: B

Michael G (jp) wrote: In some circles, the first film noir movie. The story is nothing special as Maguire plays a reporter who made the big time because of a mistaken identity murder which he later becomes involved in. There are some greatly-lit scenes which became a staple in film noir, but that dream sequence is worth it alone. Peter Lorre is as freakish as ever and Elisha Cook, jr. plays the classic sap perfectly. The story's a little uneven, but if you're a film noir fan Stranger on the Third Floor is a must.

Nick P (it) wrote: Between its insufferable cheese, lukewarm performances (particularly from Channing Tatum) from its leads, croaked direction and exploitative storyline, DEAR JOHN is "been there, done that".

Andrew O (kr) wrote: Like Christopher Nolan's Following, Pi is a black and white debut film from a pretty famous filmmaker. And like Following, it is inspiring to a filmmaker. I don't think it really knew what it wanted to do, but it was intriguing in the story and artsy and intelligent in it's style.