The Night of the Following Day

The Night of the Following Day

Two kidnappers snatch a girl off the streets and imprison her in a remote beach house.

Two men kidnap a girl off the streets, take her to a beach house owned by a drug-addicted stewardess, and hold her for ransom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Night of the Following Day torrent reviews

Bharat M (mx) wrote: Pawan's one man show

chelle g (us) wrote: Fun, real and likable. Not a big movie, but a nice way to spend an hour.

Thivya (br) wrote: I luv this movie very much...............

Erin D (nl) wrote: Uber cheesy, but decent acting on some parts.

Danny S (nl) wrote: Looks interesting...

andrea l (kr) wrote: okey whats with the freaking french?

Edgar C (br) wrote: -How would you rate the thrill you got from gambling on a scale of 1 to 100?-Um... A hundred.-What about the biggest thrill you've ever had outside of gambling?-Twenty.Life can sometimes overcome fiction and its rules of probabilities as shown in the real-life-based film by Richard Kwietniowski about an unassuming bank employee whose areas of his personal life slowly begin to hit a new bottom when his ability to transfer funds in an out of the bank after a promotion and approving loans to non-existent clients meet his addiction: gambling. With a low-key execution, the story unfolds patiently, but with not the impact that could mirror the mathematical and even legal implications that this event suggests it had in real life. It also carries a strong message in the end, which is only suggested with the final dialogue quoted above, but not developed fully with that intensity of living at least five times less intensely outside the addiction. Nevertheless, the grand Seymour Hoffman knows how to stay with his troubled character, and John Hurt is terrific as the badass and calculating bastard casino manager.58/100

Keenan S (nl) wrote: Absolute Power is an excellent political thriller about corruption and deceit. The premise follows a thief named Luther who breaks into a mansion, but in the process ends up witnessing a murder. A murder involving the President and the Secret Service. He knows that no one will believe him, but he knows that he must reveal the truth of what really happened in that mansion...even if it means being killed the process. While the script could use some polish, as a whole, Absolute Power is a very engaging and riveting thriller gifted with powerhouse performances from all the cast members. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good political thriller.

Mindy H (kr) wrote: I first saw this movie in Taiwan when I was a teenager. At the time I just thought that it was such a sad movie with a memorable plot line, and I remebered it well. After more than 10 years, I watched it for the second time last night and really came to appreciate it this time. A lot of thoughts were put into it, and there were some subtle metaphors.

Jim (fr) wrote: George Burns, nuff said

Lee M (br) wrote: Kinetic direction, crisp black and white photography, pop music, urban realism, social issues, and contemporary attitudes towards sex -- in 1966!