The Night of the Iguana

The Night of the Iguana

Drama while a tour bus driver shows church ladies around Mexico. Helped establish Puerto Vallarta as tourist destination.

A defrocked Episcopal clergyman leads a bus-load of middle-aged Baptist women on a tour of the Mexican coast and comes to terms with the failure haunting his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jrmy D (es) wrote: On s'attend voir des clichs gay. Et on les voit! Mais le tout est bien tourn et avec humour. Les htros riront et les homos encore plus. On y trouve des perles dans les dialogues et les acteurs sont convaincant. Ce n'est pas un grand film mais un trs bon divertissement. Mention spciale Julie Depardieu dbordant de naturel, qui s'offre le luxe de chanter une autre version de "Born to be alive".

Private U (fr) wrote: Mildly entertaining if a bit standard. It is very interesting to see David at work on various art projects and learning about his odd career. Filmed in conjunction with LOST HIGHWAY, this documentary is worth a look.

kathy c (ru) wrote: Rare must see movie .. I love it .. it's off beast and just so funny to me !

I felt the same way (us) wrote: I saw this movie when I was a little girl and it scared the shit out of me that is why I want to see it again I just stopped haven bad dreams

Aimee C (nl) wrote: Good movie with a couple of shocking scenes.:P

Jason T (fr) wrote: Wow, Killer Queen Bee women are sexing men to death. This movie is downgrade Z.

ArYa DarMa D (de) wrote: 4/5 Ratings for being John MalkovichF : 93 %R: 7 %Comedy 20% Drama 20% SciFi 30% Fantasy 30%

Oliver N (ca) wrote: A thoroughly gripping horror flick, it lays the foundations for 'found-footage movies,' even with slightly weak narrative and flaws (which were built upon in future entries in the series). Strongest one so far.Verdict: B+

Noname (nl) wrote: A true story based Vietnam movie about a pilote "Christian Bale" crashing and captured by the enemy. The movie take place mostly in the camp/prison and its not many action scenes but quite decent anyway..

Spencer P (de) wrote: Easily one of the most powerful Mormon dramas to date! Scary, intimate, and well-directed.

Andrs C (nl) wrote: My five-star rating breaks down thus: 1 star for better-than-average acting for a rom-com; 1 star for a creative storyline that, though logically implausible, integrates genre classics entertainingly; 1.5 stars for Nora Ephron's characteristic snappy dialogue, rivaled only by that of other genre titans like Woody Allen; and 1.5 stars for sentimental value, as I fell in love once with an unforgettable woman who adored this film. :)

Allen K (it) wrote: I saw this on TV many years ago and loved it. I would like to see it again Sharon Gless was great in it.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: O my o my what can i say :O