The Night They Saved Christmas

The Night They Saved Christmas

An oil company is exploring two Arctic sites for oil. The needed blasting at the first site rocks Santa Claus' North Pole village. He realizes that any blasting at the second site will destroy his home. He enlists the aid of a woman and her children to convince her husband (who works for the company) that the first site is where the oil they want is. Along the way, Santa explains all his secrets in delivering presents all around the world.

An oil company is exploring two Arctic sites for oil. The needed blasting at the first site rocks Santa Claus' North Pole village. He realizes that any blasting at the second site will ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric P (br) wrote: Very good and interesting but missing my favorite bit of trivia. Mr. Rogers apparently loved Night Of The Living Dead.

Marsya A (au) wrote: I have no idea how this movie can have such low ratings. I thought it was smart, honest, uncontrived, romantic, lovely. If all "Rom Coms" were this good, no one would call them "Chick Flicks", because everyone would be clamoring for more

Roxsy T (ca) wrote: I was originally curious about this movie when I met one of the directors of this film along with Chris Jericho and Richard Christy at Fangoria. If it wasn't for them I might not have bothered with it at all. I'm glad I got to see it but this isn't something I see myself watching again. The story isn't original and there were a few scenes in it that particularly pissed me off. There are a few scenes where just everything is dark. In some of these scenes you can make out what you're seeing but in others it seemed they were trying to either use natural light or just didn't get the lighting right at all. Not being able to make out what I was seeing isn't entertaining. The death scenes were weak aswell. This movie was okay. Just okay. I personally didn't think it was horrible I just think it could have been a lot better. It had this sense that it could have been one of those horror flicks that are fun to watch like Devil's Rejects but it didn't make it to that grade. There are parts that really slow the movie down like the college students screaming and joking with each other. I can tell it was meant to be funny but it ended up being quite boring. Some parts were over-acted but in other parts I thought the actors playing the college students were quite good. Other than the "in the dark" sequences I liked some of the out doorsy directions the directors took. Albino Farm is okay. Like I said, it wasn't original but in this day and age I really don't expect any film to be original anymore so then it only becomes a matter of did it entertain me or not? This film entertained just fine. It has a creepiness about it that kept me watching.

The N (fr) wrote: es la de los chinos desgraciados matando ositos.

Tony M (ca) wrote: A very good love story!

alex f (it) wrote: Some individually great performances (Tim Spall), but never works as a whole piece and doesn't get enough momentum to warrant the abrupt finish.

The S (it) wrote: Pointless low budget Sci-Fi with lifeless performances and a plot reminiscent of but simpler than a mid 1980s arcade game. It does have a certain oppressive atmosphere but little else.

Pati E (es) wrote: Shoot me. Commendations for the entire movie being ONE BIG METAPHOR for society (thank you professor for clarifying). But besides that I thinks I snored more then I laughed. It is what it is... and pretentious at that.

Lancelotte B (jp) wrote: i cant open all movies of flixters, how can i provides comment when i cant watch it.. some tips to open it ....

Jeremiah L (us) wrote: Yeah I don't think Rohmer is for me. Sorry Diane!

Abigail S (mx) wrote: Saw the end of this on public TV (on a big screen, in the wrong aspect ratio, which you know drives me nuts) and I want MORE. Gene Kelly shakes it. In yellow.

Louise B (mx) wrote: The beginning was pretty slow but it actually turned out to be pretty good. The whole Quaker thing was a little weird but it worked I guess. The bird was pretty funny which is rare for me to say because I am totally afraid of birds.

Dane C (br) wrote: Finely acted, beautifully shot and just all-round extremely well made. It's quite slow at times and a little overly long, but overall it's a great Australian film and just a very underrated film in general.