The Nine Demons

The Nine Demons

Another take on "Faust". Childhood friend Joey and Gary are the only survivors of a coup against Gary's family. Joey lands in hell, and sells his loyalty to the devil in return for magic powers. As part of the deal, Joey has nine demons enter his body. The demons demand a daily feed of blood and are very naughty, but they must obey Joey. He uses the new powers to help Gary, and to kill the plotters. But he can't always control the nine demons.

Another take on "Faust". Childhood friend Joey and Gary are the only survivors of a coup against Gary's family. Joey lands in hell, and sells his loyalty to the devil in return for magic powers. As part of the deal, Joey has nine demons enter his body. The demons demand a daily feed of blood and are very naughty, but they must obey Joey. He uses the new powers to help Gary, and to kill the plotters. But he can't always control the nine demons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gena D (es) wrote: Nicholas Cage gag me but I'll give it a shot for Sarah

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Adam C (gb) wrote: It's like Shaft but only if Shaft was only a down revolutionary brotha man. A very intersting film that seemed to of inspired a few Dead Prez songs. They actually use a sample from this movie in their Let's Get Free album. What if someone were able to organize the gang brothas and sistas into a guerrilla army. Subversive.

Troy K (de) wrote: Interesting enough to keep your attention and some of the most amazing scenery...really liked it.

Kurt M (us) wrote: A wicked and delightful sequel to the cult classic, "The Abominable Doctor Phibes." Although not quite as entertaining as the original, the film is an amusing satire on the horror genre in which the Good Doctor rises from the grave and eliminates everyone who stands in the way of his quest to bring life back to his beloved bride, using a number of gruesome methods to remove his opponents.Two rotting thumbs up!

Conner G (es) wrote: It is atrocious the camera is absolutely laughable no scares. The best part was me and my brother making fun of it.

nancy s (it) wrote: I recommend it to all, young and old. It's great old~ fashioned scary, alien~invading, still~makes~ya~wonder, kind of movie....

Grant H (jp) wrote: Bad movie. The concept is a clear ripoff of A Kid in King Arthur's Court, the jokes are way too many misses, and a weak performance from Lawrence.