The Nines

The Nines

A troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways.

After being drunk and crashes his car, troubled actor Gary wakes up and finds himself under home arrest. From that moment, he begins to be haunted by the number 9 since that numbers appears everywhere in the newspapers, magazines, and TV. Meanwhile, he also find his own writing "Look for the nines", a memo he does not remember writing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan S (jp) wrote: Despite riveting (and, of course, nauseating) battle scenes, The Pacific overall remains maudlin, boring, and just plain depressing. The viewer truly feels as if he or she has been on one long, muddy slog for four years. Alas, this miniseries is but a pale echo of its superior predecessor, Band of Brothers.

Nathan S (us) wrote: A fair well to the Drawn Together show, one of the few shows that makes South Park look like The Teletubbies. The movie is no exception either although the creators say they tried to make it not quite as rude the opposite has turned out. If you havnt seen the series then i wouldnt bother as the film is littered with references to the series and its quite cool to see them actually use licenced characters like Flinstones and Road runner. The spoof of South Park (Suck my taint) is pretty funny as well. A must watch for fans of the show.

Jan J (mx) wrote: Damn boring.. plz do not waste ur time

Ashutosh T (nl) wrote: Understated n simmering with emotions :-) powerful effort!

Andrew A (ca) wrote: Superb movie. A real hidden gem.

Richard C (fr) wrote: InSearchOf my money back. What a woefully written, directed and acted film. Characters so two dimensional they could slip under the door I opened to leave the room. Mercifully the R (18+) rating will have seriously restricted the number of people subjected to this rubbish. The consequences of the actions these people found themselves compelled to do would have been interesting if any kind of connection had been established with the characters in the first thirty minutes or so. Shallow motivations and dialogue so dire I feel a primary school child could have been hired as script consultant and cranked it up a notch or two in believability. InSearchOf (Sex). I was, so in that respect it didn't disappoint. Frankly, and I feel a little uncomfortable saying this, but The Reader was more erotic than this. Ok, ok, InSearchOf is not marketed as an erotic film. But the title and the rating kind of lend themselves to the notion that you might get a little bit aroused watching this. Don't take this on a hot date indoors unless your date is one of the actors. Not the worst film ever, but I haven't seen everything yet...

Duncan R (kr) wrote: Great movie, but not without moments of cheesiness

Josh G (gb) wrote: Nicolas Cage's directorial debut, Sonny, doesn't pack the emotional wallop that the film seems to be trying to deliver, and the dilemma of the protagonist never really feels all that pressing.The movie is about the titular Sonny (Franco), a kid just out the army and going back to his home in New Orleans - a home where he worked for his mother as a prostitute for most of his teenage years. Now that Sonny is back, though, he wants to go straight. He wants to live a normal life, work a normal job, and live happily ever after with a normal girl. Unfortunately, Sonny will soon find out that it's not so easy to leave a life like his behind.Although Franco gave an absolutely amazing performance in The Pineapple Express last year, his early work is pretty consistently lackluster. Here, Franco does what he does best: hold his eyes half-open a la French Stewart, and smile occasionally. There are a few times when the plot requires him to hulk out, but even in those moments all he does is throw his body about wildly.It is Franco as the lead which brings the movie down a notch, as well as the lacking story. There's no urgency here, no fear. The film is about people who are stuck in their lives as prostitutes, but the movie never shows the darker, seamier side of the life. There are hints about AIDS throughout the film, but the movie doesn't address any of that head-on. It shows a couple of scenes of Sonny, or his girlfriend(?) Carol, spending time with tricks. But these scenes show the acts in a positive, or at the very least, neutral light. Sonny is trying so hard to get out of prostitution, but as far as I can tell it's easy money with no emotional risk. So what is he rebelling against?Harry Dean Stanton, as Sonny's mother's lover, does a great job with some pretty vague lines. A conversation he has with Sonny at the dinner table, complete with pauses and averted glances, was one of the most gripping in the movie. Franco, meanwhile, just sat there.There are a few peculiar moments in the movie. An automobile accident later in the film seems out-of-place, and Cage's cameo as a flamboyant pimp named Acid Yellow was exciting but ultimately pointless.Altogether, Sonny wasn't a bad movie, but it never managed to draw I the Viewer in enough to force me to invest myself into the story. The ending is played out like some kind of major epiphany to the characters, but wasn't engaging to me at all. It's hard to really enjoy a movie when you don't care much about the characters one way or the other.

David W (jp) wrote: For what it is, Days of Thunder isn't a bad racing film. Couldn't have been better, but I enjoyed it enough to not care

Therese O (nl) wrote: OH my. Rob Lowe is a psycho killer stalker of supposed good guy, James Spader. And it's got semi goth clubs and 90's apartments with glass blocks. HILARIOUS. LOVE THIS!

Ells E (au) wrote: Brilliant sweet film!

Dave J (nl) wrote: Friday, October 29, 2010 (1983) Careful, He Might Hear You DRAMA The winner of 8 Awards Austrailian Awards including Best Picture- i have no idea why! Uninvolving and through the eyes of an 8 year old nicknamed P.S. about two sisters bickering over full custodian over him after losing his real mother and being ambandoned by his actual irresponsible father. The story takes place during the 1930's with two aunt's, one who the young boy has built the most rapport with, who has depleting health with a husband whose out of the job and the other as the very wealthy and healthy single aunt whose proper! The young boy prefers to live with the poor aunt despite health and financial issues because he build the most rapport with as opposed to the well groomed aunt who is very privilaged- all I can say is that if we can all be this lucky and this film fails to convince "I" as an audience otherwise! Another major problem is that this film doesn't quite explore all the other options such as a buy out if the wealthy aunt wanted custody of PS that much! Not good enough! 2 out of 4

Lisa S (au) wrote: Dramatic, good acting, and the handsome Tim Curry. How didn't it become more popular?

Greg W (br) wrote: Besides being one of Woody's most consistently witty films, "Love and Death" marks a couple of other advances for Mr. Allen as a film maker and for Miss Keaton as a wickedly funny comedienne.

Chip H (us) wrote: Coal Bowl! So over the top with a great soundtrack. Still love this movie!

John R (it) wrote: 160616: I will never look at Seagulls the same way. A good father son film.

Jay B (au) wrote: Goofy and absurd... but fun enough.