The North Avenue Irregulars

The North Avenue Irregulars

When crooks set up operations in a traditional town, a minister and a group of church ladies are willing to do anything, no matter how wacky, to get them out.

When crooks set up operations in a traditional town, a minister and a group of church ladies are willing to do anything, no matter how wacky, to get them out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellen G (us) wrote: Ofte fr en storfilm, kommer det en bitteliten film med samme tema. Som her. Styr unna, en skikkelig kalkun.

Vincent B (ca) wrote: We randomly picked this from the new release section from a pile pf straight to DVD horror films. It was better then I thought it would be, but still not good. The plot was actually a very good idea and had a few good moments/clever writing. The acting wasn't too shabby either. The directing was what hurt the film. If put into better hands, this could have been a very good horror film. The low budget was not the problem at all, it was the pacing, suspense, and violence. There needed to be more gore, some parts could have been much more tension filled, and it just seemed to drag in a few parts that actually should have been exciting. The scariest part of the film was the DVD cover, which is awesome, but that's how straight to DVD films work, attraction with a flashy cover. It worked in this case and the film wasn't all that bad.

Mithun G (jp) wrote: Solid political thriller.

Jessica M (mx) wrote: well, the beginning was kinda boring, but then it got quite more interesting..

Aparna I (au) wrote: Chaaku lanti kurradu, kathi lanti cinema. Few of the situations did not demand as much of violence as demonstrated, they seemed more like an afterthought trying to exploit an existing R rating. Bt for that the plot is great and very entertaining over all.

Michel N (br) wrote: An excellent movie from Roumania.Funny,interesting and well done.Worth watching!

Eric R (it) wrote: It took two years after the first film for this sequel to emerge and that seems like a rather long time considering the title of the first film is "American Kickboxer 1". If there is a "1" in the title I would assume part "2" would already be in the bag and ready to release the same year. What's strange is that this sequel has NOTHING to do with the original film with a completely different production company, plot, cast and crew. What's even stranger is Cannon Films, distributors of the first film, released their own sequel the same year as this 'sequel' called "To the Death" with original star John Barrett returning. Okay, wait a minute, what the fuck happened here? Cannon released a sequel to their film "American Kickboxer 1" but didn't include the words "American Kickboxer" in the title and a completely different production company released an unrelated sequel with the title "American Kickboxer 2." It's enough to crash one's mind! Since Cannon didn't title their sequel with the "American Kickboxer" phrase, this other production company must have taken it upon themselves to title their unrelated film as a 'sequel' as they thought the fabric of space and time would implode if a film titled "American Kickboxer 1" didn't have a sequel with a proper "2" in the title. Remember balance is everything and a "1" without a "2" would just be fucking wrong.Unlike the first film which was a tournament style kickboxing movie, here we get a full fledged action film complete with gun fights, kidnappings and a love triangle. No doubt your asking is there any kickboxing. Well, not in the tournament sense, but the film does star kickboxing champion Dale "Apollo" Cook as one of our leads so yes he does use some of his trademark kickboxing moves to kick the shit of some baddies. What we get is a wealthy family whose daughter gets humorously kidnapped by a guy repelling into a swimming pool from a helicopter. Being threatened that the girl will be killed if the police are involved, the mother turns to her hot-head cop ex-husband and long-haired playboy karate instructor lover (whom she cheated with while married to her ex). The kicker is she doesn't know which one is the father of her daughter so both agree to rescue her just in case she belongs to either one of them. The result is quite hilarious as they bicker and fight the entire time while trying to put their differences aside to rescue their daughter. Yes it's "My Two Dads" action movie style!The acting is bad, real bad but it actually enhances the enjoyment of the film. Dale Cook constantly has his jaw clenched on a tooth pick as he spouts out awful dialogue like "the only peace your are worried about is the one dangling between your legs. " Evan Lurie is equally bad but both bad actors seem to cancel each other out making the film quite enjoyable in the "so bad it's good" vibe. The action sequences are good especially for a low budget action flick shot in the Philippines and our two leads know their kickboxing and martial arts as they beat the living shit out of about everyone.The actors and director/writer Jen Hodi know their making a B-grade direct-to-video sequel to a hunk of shit so they run with it, having their tongues planted in their cheeks as they spout hilariously bad dialogue. To be honest I had a blast with "American Kickboxer 2" and it has become one of my all time favorite unintentional comedies. I mean how can a film with a line like "your ass is grass and we're the lawnmowers" not be somewhat entertaining? I say skip the hunk of shit known as "American Kickboxer 1" and go directly to this 'sequel'. Sure it's bad.... but in a good way.

Raaleigh H (kr) wrote: Favorite movie ever! :D

Naoya K (ca) wrote: Hark Tsui's debut. So rough and so absurd, but still able to feel his passion on film making and wuxia novels. Cannot enjoy or understand if you don't have much knowledge about the world of wuxia. Budget seems too small, while the scale of the story is too big. Hark's keen sense against film making can be seen in how he mixes so well the two genres, wuxia action and suspense, which seem not to be a good match. It's still valuable for knowing Hark Tsui's origin.

Joe S (es) wrote: Better then you might think. But there is a lot of sub par music to make up for the lack of dialog

Ricardo O (es) wrote: This was the first film by William Wyler that is most noteworthy, but it was only the beginning of a brilliant filmmaking career that would include The Best Years Of Our Lives, Ben-Hur, Roman Holiday, Mrs. Miniver, and Wuthering Heights. Dodsworth is certainly worthy of being compared to his later successes as it has one of Walter Huston's best performances as well as an excellent, unsympathetic performance from Ruth Chatterton, and includes Mary Astor and David Niven in the cast. And typical of Wyler's films, he is helped out by some of the best technicians in the business including art director Richard Day who an Oscar for his work in this film and legendary cinematographer Rudolph Mat (C), known for photographing films like Carl Theodor Dreyer's "The Passion Of Joan Of Arc" and "Vampyr", Leo McCarey's "Love Affair", Alfred Hitchcock's "Foreign Correspondent", Sam Wood's "The Pride Of the Yankees", Ernst Lubitsch's "To Be Or Not To Be", Zoltan Korda's "Sahara", and Charles Vidor's "Gilda"; and eventually becoming a director in his own right making movies like the classic film noir "D.O.A." and the classic sci-fi film "When Worlds Collide". Great movie. 9/10

Ethan P (us) wrote: Dumbo has touching animation and catchy musical numbers, but there are a lot of odd scenes and the tone for most of the movie is very sad and somber. The finale with the crows singing "When I See an Elephant Fly" was my favorite part of the film.

Walker P (mx) wrote: the coolest movie of 2003

Edgar C (it) wrote: Unlike Makavejev's female liberation manifesto Montenegro (1981), Haynes makes a strong statement in favor of the less fortunate and most misunderstood. Yet, I feel bold enough to argue that the least thing Safe is, is an ecological commentary against pollution and chemically intolerant people. It's a slowly absorbing feature about an apocalyptic collapse that mankind is pursuing with its current structure. The hous... homemaker is the typical symbol for this. This ain't no Poison (1991) and homosexuality is out of the formula for now, yet it is modern American film direction like it is no longer done.97/100

bill s (mx) wrote: The quality of the story,script and acting are straight to video.

Ari S (de) wrote: This film grew on me tremendously post credits because of the performance that Tom Hardy gave and has now proven himself as a top notch actor. His character is seemingly slow, timid and quietly an introvert. However as the the slow burn of the events taking place so does the onion begin to peal on Hardy. He leads on more than he knows, he's smarter than anyone imagines he's looked at like a "sphinx". I love how as the audience we underestimate Bob at every turn while dropping minor subtle hints like bread crumbs that there is more to meet the eye. In the end it clicked when the cop says "no one ever sees you coming do they bob? Hardys portrayal of what ultimately lies beneath is what makes the film.

Robert P (mx) wrote: the scariest movie ive ever seen in my life