The Nostril Picker

The Nostril Picker

Loner turns into a girl to lure and kill other girls.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:slasher,  

Loner turns into a girl to lure and kill other girls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (jp) wrote: Well made and deliberately unspectacular (well, at least after the opening sequence). Thoughtful - well performed - human. It's not a homerun, but a lesser Clint Eastwood movie is still better than 90% of everything else in the theaters.

Rory Fyfe S (it) wrote: Great movie. Well acted. Super imagination.

Ken T (br) wrote: None of the Darkman movies paid any homage to the comic books...They could have stopped at movie number one"

Chris S (ru) wrote: It was interesting to see Natalie Portman this young, but I can see why she became so successful after this movie. Pretty good chemistry between the two stars.

OG M (es) wrote: Better than any comedy.

Nicki M (fr) wrote: Rewatched this for the first time in years. I think my last viewing may have actually been on VHS. Really enjoyed it, was actually better than I remembered it. Excellent 1990 teen film with the usual themes of alienation. Very well done with good soundtrack and interesting spin with the anonymous pirate radio show.

Alex H (jp) wrote: Intriguingly layered for a fantasy blockbuster made to ride on the coattails of Star Wars' success. Despite being an unabashed pile of quintessential heroic fantasy tropes, Dragonslayer is surprisingly and pleasantly morally ambiguous and socially realistic. The protagonist has to navigate around a bunch of players and factions each dealing with the dragon threat in their own way. In a more simplistic rendition of this tale, one or more or all of them would be painted as merely evil or opportunistic, or at most as stock obstacles for the hero to overcome. Instead, Dragonslayer offers sympathy and rationalizations for all the motivations and strategies at play. Different characters feel differently about different issues and no one character or group is wholly good or bad. As such, the story takes some unexpected turns once all the pieces are introduced.This is all refreshing to see for someone like me; I want to love fantasy, but since reading A Song of Ice and Fire, I simply can't buy into the reductionist moralizing and tunnel-vision worldviews that dominate most of the genre. Dragonslayer is no Game of Thrones, don't get me wrong, but the multiplicity of moving parts makes it a good tick more complex than we see out of most fantasy movies. Which is to say I wish we had better fantasy movies in general. Dragonslayer's slow pacing really works to enhance some moments but really kills the momentum dead at others. It can be boring. Some story elements feel totally shoehorned and trope-for-trope's-sake. And for the most part Peter MacNicol as the hero Galen is just a snoozer - though most of the other performances are fun or serviceable. However the score is enormous and bombastic, as are the sets and cinematography and effects, so it's still generally fun to look at and listen to.Flawed but totally worthwhile for medieval fantasy seekers, and maybe the best dragon movie out there that ain't How To Train Your Dragon. Also the dragon's name is Vermithrax Pejorative

bryan s (mx) wrote: i really hate warhol!!!!

Tim S (nl) wrote: Terrible movie, but a fun good/bad movie.

Manisha D (nl) wrote: Bohemian Beatnik Seinfeld. The stove in the cockroach "scene" reminds me of Thu Tran's Food Party.

Christian D (jp) wrote: Fans of Film Noir, this is the Real McCoy, not to be missed. Sterling Hayden is fantastic, a young Charles Bronson are just a few of the excellent performances. De Toth is an underrated director and this is one of the best noirs of the 50's, really.

Brad J (au) wrote: Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen one of Ben Afleck's worst pictures throughout a stellar career. In less you are a mindless fan of poorly written murder mystery movies do not watch this DVD.