The Note

The Note

Newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder (Genie Francis) finds a note addressed simply to 'T', washed up on shore. It appears to be from the victim of a recent plane crash, and carries a message of hope and forgiveness from a father to his child. MacGruder's readership is down on her column (called "Heart Healer"), and the paper is going to dump it unless she starts to write from the heart.

After a tragic plane crash, a local journalist discovers a note that she believes was written by one of the passengers. She seeks the note's intended receiver, but the journey is more revealing of her own past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter B (it) wrote: Fruktansvrt skn lyteskomik med drkten :)

Valerio R (kr) wrote: Piacevolissimo film sul tema dell'amore visto sotto 4 differenti fasi. Tutto e' un ciclo e tutto si collega: la conclusione infatti chiude il cerchio aperto all'inizio del film. Molto dolce l'episodio con Muccino e molto "verdoniano" quello con Verdone! Niente di nuovo, ma gli attori sorreggono l'impalcatura con garbo e suscitano anche qualche sana risata.

Kali B (gb) wrote: Christopher Eccleston and Eddie Izzard have THE MOST chemistry I've ever seen between two people on screen.

Mia S (ag) wrote: Of course I had to watch Mother Night, having read the book and Vonnegut being one of my favorite authors. It was surprisingly good. It followed the original story well. Go movie people! You did well for once. You didn?t slaughter the book.

Jake S (gb) wrote: eh not bad pretty much top guns on wheels if anything its good to watch just to see the crashes

kyo 9 (ca) wrote: good laugh but that just it..nothing new~

Geir F (ca) wrote: Pre-code gangster films rule, and this one is certainly a very entertaining example of that! Unusual to see Cagney on the other side of the law, but great fun. Some of the shoot-outs, the Wisconsin one in particular, are huge!

Felipe F (gb) wrote: Clever and witty, Glengarry Glen Ross benefits from an intelligent script and top notch performances.

alex g (mx) wrote: I like this rom com especially as Reese Witherspoon is in it love her she so sexy and sweet.True love always outs you always get the right partner.All Rom com fans should watch.

Ty P (fr) wrote: This film reeked of apathy. Even the Australian actors, who were supposed to be Dutch, didn't even mask their Aussie accents. Nothing clever in the script, no acting, and even the title of the film lacks imagination.

Jonny P (de) wrote: "Reindeer Games" is about what you would expect from a Christmas-themed thriller starring Ben Affleck. I wouldn't call the movie bad, but it certainly is not good. The story had interesting potential, as a freed convict enters into a relationship with his dead inmate's mail-correspondence-girlfriend, only to find himself forced into a crime due to his new false identity. Each of the film's twists progressively grow in shock value until the final twist will have you floored. So what is wrong with "Reindeer Games"? It is boring. Charlize Theron was enchanting and Gary Sinise was sleazy, but the story just kind of plodded along between its great surprises. The realism is also spoiled by such a motley crew of criminals who don't know anything about crime. The ending is also pretty bad and could have had a more satisfactory conclusion. If you insist on watching this film because you are a Ben Affleck film (wait, do those exist?) or because the title brings about Christmas cheer, you will enjoy the few surprises but be left with an overall dissatisfied taste in your mouth.

Nicolas P (ca) wrote: Nadie sabe realmente quin se copi de quin... ms all de la polmica: esta me parece mejor

Paul D (it) wrote: As a film it has a very commercial structure, but the story is strong as are the visuals and characters.