The Nugget

The Nugget

'The Nugget' looks at how instant wealth suddenly changes the lives of three working class men - not necessarily for the better, but always with hilarious consequences.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   greed,   old man,  

'The Nugget' looks at how instant wealth suddenly changes the lives of three working class men - not necessarily for the better, but always with hilarious consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (es) wrote: Based on a true story about S Korean & M Korean ping pong teams uniting and winning. Kind of sad that Korea is still divided and upsetting. The movie is touching and well acted.

Bristol F (kr) wrote: The format and camera work was not good. I wish they would have kept the debates whole instead of chopping them up. Their debates were interesting and I will probably read their book.

Camille L (es) wrote: Il se passe plein de choses dans A Serious Man. Des choses plus ou moins intressantes, parfois extrmement ennuyeuses, parfois cocasses. Dans l'ide, les Coen ont fait un film o rien n'a de conclusion et c'tait sans doute drle sur le papier. Il aurait peut-tre fallu viter de nous le dire ouvertement au bout de 30 minutes pour qu'on puisse s'apercevoir de la blague nous-mme. Et expliquer une blague, c'est le meilleur moyen de la planter. Et c'est ce qui arrive A Serious Man, un film si intelligent et calcul qu'il en devient assez pnible, dfaut d'tre ennuyeux. Michael Stuhlbarg, Fred Melamed et George Wyner sont plutt bons. Le reste beaucoup moins.

Aundra F (kr) wrote: Very beautiful and interesting to watch, extreme skiing is chronicled in breathtaking detail but compare it to IMAX (1998) first 360-degree view from Earth's highest peak.

Jordon J (mx) wrote: It's a decent film with a few good performances but nothing more so RENT IT!!!

Bjrn B (gb) wrote: Veldig bra norsk film

Ani A (mx) wrote: must watch moovie brilliant work by both sharukh & ashutosh

Chase L (gb) wrote: If you've ever worked in the food industry, this is the best movie on the planet to describe it. Critics, again, don't get it. Mike Clark I just read your review, and you're a bitch.

Ruben L (br) wrote: Javier Bardem is one of the best actors of our time! Luis Tosar is super hot! I found out that he's in a band too (The Ellas). Having been laid off this movie really hit home... what if I was older and couldn't get another job?

Peter P (kr) wrote: This movie is incredibly lame, and AWESOME. If you like bad movies with bad acting and bad special effects and bad plots and basically everything being bad, then Python is the movie for you. The snake looked terrible, Casper Van Dien had a really lame accent, one of the heroes is Jonny the bad karate guy from Karate Kid and Will Wheaton had pink hair? This movie is a must see if you like cheesy bad movies, especially if you like to make fun of them with your best friend. And it has a sequel, I can hardly wait.

Nick F (us) wrote: Somewhat fair adaption of the Guy Endore novel lifts the story from its original French setting into the Spanish countryside where the backdrop of the Catholisim is heavy and generates some interesting background for the movie. Oliver Reed as a werewolf is worth the price of admission alone, although his inner beast is not unleashed until fairly late into the movie. Nonetheless, the make-up is an interesting take, with an emphasis on the ears, although the body make-up is less successful. Terrence Fisher holds back on the reveal of the monster, teasing us until the last 2o minutes of the movie. After that, the monster is leaping and climbing all around the stock Hammer sets; some good stunt work to be seen here. The melodrama is pretty standard for Hammer horror, well acted by the cast. The movie lifts one of the more unique aspects of the novel, the notion of the child werewolf who hunts by night but thinks he is dreaming. The part where the young boy talks about tasting the blood is chilling on screen as it is on the page. I have to admit, I was disappointed the first time I saw this movie years ago but a second viewing has the movie growing on me now.

Tim W (es) wrote: Mos Def can't act, and this was clunky, predictable, and forgettable. It was, I suppose, a decent action thriller, and worth a single watch though.

Martin O (br) wrote: Tripe!Just a load of ideas thrown in a film -none of which were good.Another example of Ben Affleck movie without beard = shite

Jon C (ca) wrote: a majority of people have always had fear of mosquitos or just found them plain irritating because of their incessant need to feast on our bloodI'm a part of that majority and this movie makes the concept that much more terrifyingthe movie has a very good opening and the premise is setup quite plainlyjust barely 5 min in and two of the main characters are the first to come across the giant-proportioned insects after a road run-inthis film is a lot funnier than when I first saw it back on the Sci-Fi channel; not really a whole lot of scares going on, the lines and a majority of the effects range from bad to straight-up laughable, not to mention the score is corny as it can get but it's still freakythere's a decent number of good kills these things lay waste tothe budget on this certainly shows but can you blame them?there are some actual well-written characters here which is a nice save and the situation trying to evade these bloodsuckers makes them more likeable than you'd believethis isn't for everyone but creature-horror fanatics' thirst should be quenched