The Number 23

The Number 23

Walter Sparrow is an animal control officer that becomes obsessed with a mysterious book that seems to be based on his own life. As soon as he opens the book, he notices strange parallels between what he reads and what he's experienced. But now he's worried that a fictional murder might materialize.

Walter Sparrow 's life is so peaceful until he discovers a strange novel, The Number 23. Curious about the story, Walter quickly realizes the problems existing in parallel between the story and his real life. Gradually, the world of the book invaded the fact, turns into horro obsession of Walter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benjamin T (ru) wrote: ', (R) 3/4

Adrian B (it) wrote: Had rare moments that were watchable but overall had nothing on offer to really recommend this

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Yuri B (ag) wrote: First time I saw this I thought this movie was crazy good... much time has gone by but it's still hasn't lost it's luster... at least not to me.

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Nicholas J (es) wrote: I WANT TO SEE THIS ONE:(

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