The Nut Job

The Nut Job

Surly, a curmudgeon, independent squirrel is banished from his park and forced to survive in the city. Lucky for him, he stumbles on the one thing that may be able to save his life, and the rest of park community, as they gear up for winter - Maury's Nut Store.

The movie follows the travails of Surly, a mischievous squirrel, and his rat friend Buddy, who plan to raid a nut store and unwittingly find themselves embroiled in a much more complicated and hilarious adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JJ P (jp) wrote: I miss Kenny vs. Spenny but the mocumentary was not bad I am not saying it was good either but it certainly was not bad

Dennis L (mx) wrote: I'm not sure where the title was derived. There's a mission alright but I'm not sure how it was heavenly. Ekin Cheng plays Autumn Yip, a big time triad boss who was incarcerated for eight years in a Thai prison. On his release, he is apparently a changed man planning to do something "big."Hearing someone planning something "big" often denotes something ... well... big. However, what transpires is Autumn organizing his old gang and organizes a series of goodwill gestures, entering into legitimate business, donates to the poor, visits orphanages, etc. What the...While it's a decent drama about a gangster wanting to thread the path to goodness and shed his evil ways, the film falls a bit flat. Ekin Cheng doesn't really fit the role very well. He actually fits the role of the good side of Yip but somehow, it was hard to imagine Ekin Cheng being notoriously bad.To provide the "dark side" of Autumn Yip is Ghost (played by Stephen Fong). The two are highly contrasted, Yip being too stoic and righteous while Ghost is emotional, rash and even detestable. Yip is constantly reminding the audience that he was once like Ghost and is constantly advising Ghost to "go study" and change his ways. It would have been better is Ekin Cheng's character have bouts of guilt and remorse over his past deeds, providing better realism on how conflicting it is to one day be evil and the next be good. But unfortunately, Cheng plays it cool like he's always thinking about reports he has to make in the office.Half of the movie is also dedicated to the police side. Seems the Hong Kong police presses the panic button and forms a task force to serve as a preventive measure against any bad deed Yip may try to do. So we see policemen chasing Yip around, harassing him at every turn hoping he'll do something illegal...which Yip doesn't do.It's a bit confusing for me and a bit of a letdown. Seems being good on the big screen may not be as exciting after all.Story: 5/10Boredom Factor: 5/10Pace: MediumTalk to Action Ratio: 7:3Watch Again Rating: 3/10Overall: 4/10

Nick F (ag) wrote: Naomi Watts is amazing in this very raw portrayal of life as a struggling actress in LA

Craig P (gb) wrote: I'm currently watching several Stanley Kubrick films with other films in between. Until I finish watching them, this block of films will do for now.[center]Seven Smaurai[/center][left]For being made in the 50's this film was very good. Of course it took some adjusting to get past the Japanese screaming/language. I was beginning to think that all of the so called great films were boredom and unemotional. The only critiques would be some of the music choices at spots and the constant thoughts of modern improvements in cameras. Great film even at over 3 hours.[/left][center]Acacia[/center][left]A mediocre ghost/human nature story from Korea. Perfectionist couple adopts a talented, but quirky child who loves trees. Then it gets interesting. Too bad the it takes too long to reach the twist ending. It is still an interesting concept but it needs to be improved upon.[/left][center]Spirited Away[/center][left]Very high on the weirdness scale, but once that intial effect wears off, it enthrals with a splendary unlike any other movie experience. This movie gets better with each viewing.[/left][center]Princess Mononoke[/center][left]Also Very high on the weirdness scale. The story can get a bit confusing but the emotion is there. It was my first experience in anime, and I've never looked back. This movie gets better with each viewing also.[/left]

Hugo G (ag) wrote: The whole plot of the movie fella short from what will really happen, but at least it spoiler free. But still, the movie seemed to drag the plot everywhere and nowhere while also taking too long to get to the point. Therefore, the movie seemed to be too ambitious for its expectations. And although it had excellent for a movie with low budget. I particularly thought Alexa Havin's performance was excellent as well as Kristina Klebe's and Alexia Rasmussen. At least it also had some interesting twists and a very twisted view of parenting that is almost unheard of and not as seen before in any other movie.

Peter M (au) wrote: Loved Duff at the time, but even I can agree, I didnt like this movie

Jack P (jp) wrote: A fun and different idea for a film, as soon as aI saw peter jackson and michael j fox on the same film i knew this film would be a goodun. Full of ghosts and hilarious moments made this a great typical 90s dark horror comedy. Fun to watch and damn right entertaining.

Michael G (mx) wrote: Lord of Illusions is fascinating and visually stunning. Its very trippy and grotesque but that's what Clive Barker does best.

Jakki J (br) wrote: Yes, most people remember Doris Day with Rock Hudson, but she also made a few movie with James Garner that were just as fun! In this film Doris is a typical housewife of the time who gets the opportunity to be the new face of Happy Soap. This career quickly complicates married life and she soon has to choose what is most important to her. The ultimate message would never pass by today's standards, but I found the insight into how women were viewed at this time fascinating. After years of women's lib, has it really benefited us as a sex? Perhaps she made the right decision after all, you decide!

Kevin S (br) wrote: Great use of shadow and light in this Val Lewton classic about a group of people confined to an island because of an outbreak of the plague. What starts out as a biological horror quickly turns psychological as paranoia and superstitions take hold.

Sugarman C (fr) wrote: human's feeling is so complicated

Donald D (de) wrote: Great directing. Decent script. Lots of fun.

Daniel S (fr) wrote: Resistant though I was going into it, what can I say? It's not emotionally profound, but it's cute.

william m (br) wrote: The Hangover Part III is an unnecessary sequel to an unnecessary sequel. The things they did better than Part 2 were putting the crew back in Vegas, and coming up with an original plot that wasn't an exact replica of the first movie. Galifianakis and Jeong are funny and are still the highlights, but there aren't any Pros beyond that.Unfortunately, the story seems very forced, there aren't that many surprises, and the stakes never feel as high as the other movies. It seemed like they spent too much time trying to tie up loose ends and give happy endings to the characters, which seems pretty unnecessary for what should have been a fast-paced raunchy comedy.