The Nutcracker in 3D

The Nutcracker in 3D

In 1920s Vienna, a young girl receives a magical doll on Christmas Eve.

Set in 1920's Vienna, this a tale of a little girl, whose godfather gives her a special doll one Christmas Eve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Nutcracker in 3D torrent reviews

Sergiox V (it) wrote: Toda una obra maestra! Animacin espectacular, buena historia, buenos personajes, un Brainiac ms convincente, y buena adaptacin al comic! Simplemente me encanto! :3

Kelly K (kr) wrote: A truly magnificent tale of sisterhood. It beautifully portrays what a deep and intimate bond between friends can truly be like: a love that surpasses all trial, all pain and all walks of life.

Amy V (nl) wrote: CREEPIEST movie I have seen in a LONG time. Definitely one of my favorites, & I??m very picky when it comes to horror movies. The characters were scary, & the movie left a lot to your imagination ?? which is sometimes more horrifying then any movie could be.

Des S (au) wrote: I was expecting a lot more from this movie. I didn't find it enjoyable. It didn't feel romantic, but it also didn't feel like much of an adventure or horror film.

Tiffany W (au) wrote: The story may not be perfect but the animation was decent the characters aren't the best but I enjoyed melody overall this get a grade c

Duane C (kr) wrote: I really liked this one. Humorous, and teasingly coy, and painfully honest in its emotional depiction.

bill s (au) wrote: James Caan steals the movie but to be honest,there's little movie to steal.

Christian B (ca) wrote: I think this one defined Aki Kaurismki as a director more than any other movie. Funny in that silent, awkward way we all learned to love in Aki productions. Optimistism hidden behind hardened faces. I wonder if it actually can be enjoyed as much if you have to read the subtitles. It feels as if you get more out of it if you can understand Finnish (which I do). It's a very compact movie too. It sort of stays in one a good way.

Pete S (de) wrote: Definitely a good western. Jeff Bridges does a great job as Bill.

Jamey D (es) wrote: Let's not beat about the bush; this is one of the most chaotic movies ever created. Imagine being in a railyard with a bunch of freight trains going full steam around you and you'll get the idea on how loud this film is. There ARE parts of this movie that are fun, but it's all too easy to lose track of where you are once they get into space. I can barely remember some of the characters, and I like crazy films such as Starship Troopers, but this is too crazy for my taste.

Vincent R (gb) wrote: John Carpenter and Kurt Russell at there best!!! One of my absolute favorite movies of all time. Kurt Russell is in absolutely great as Jack Burton. Who gets involved with Weng Che( Dennis Dun) after a poker game goes bad. They go to pick up his Wengs girlfriend and all goes to hell. She then gets kidnapped by the Lord's of death and his 3 immortal henchmen cause of her green eyes. Brilliantly played by Lo Pan (James Hong ) Chinese girls don't have green eyes! And now it's up to Jack Burton to save the day!!! Brilliantly directed as a B-movie with Kurt Russell playing in probably in my opinion. One of the best performances ever in a movie. I know that is crazy but here me out. Me and my best friend Anthony (Who tragically died in a car accident) use to watch this movie evrey day after gradeschool and highschool! His step dad the coolest guy ever Jason Jacobo got Anthony and me into this movie so much. That we use to rehearse scenes from the movie daily. On the weekends, weekdays, or whenever. But the entire supporting cast is brilliant too. Especially Egg Chen (Victor Wong). A very underrated movie. And in my opinion one of the best movie of the 80's! My #6 movie of all time!!!

Christopher B (ru) wrote: Gritty war film that isn't quite as gory or realistic as it could have been, thankfully. Several strong performances with above average script.

Kenneth G (es) wrote: Here's another perspective on the Old Country. I recommend it if you like Ireland.

Jay B (it) wrote: Pretty weak moral outing with very few moments for adults.