The Nutcrackers

The Nutcrackers

Mumu discovers a flock of sheep grazing in the park where he plays with his friends Milo, Rita, Talalo, Alfred and Olga, and can´t avoid compare her snowy appearance to them, the troops of cloth, fabrics made ​​of very different prints, lots of spots of all colors playing in the field and in the puddles. And feel some shame and envy of his friends of the sheep shiny. And when he discovers that these sheep are actually spotless stars that will be part of a great show, Mumu is so fascinated that he have to change what is necessary for that to become also a glamorous star. She was a very special cow can not keep wasting time with a group of friends wrong.

A group of friendly animals all live together in a beautiful treehouse in the mountains. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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