The Nutty Boy 2

The Nutty Boy 2


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The Nutty Boy 2 torrent reviews

Tonya V (ag) wrote: This was my first introduction to Battlestar Galactica so I may not have understood some of the stuff and characters. I still couldn't get into that much.

snail m (br) wrote: I don't comprehend the low score of this film. I really liked it. I was really inquisitive to see the follow up after TB1 was extremely sufficient for the whole household. I saw it about a number of number of periods with the little one. I can nothing but suggest it. Really awesome movement, eye sweets from the starting to the end, awesome tale, awesome concept. Most of the figures from the first TB got just minor looks, on the other way others were publicized. This one was more about Tink, less about connections between the fairies like in the first one, but imo the film did not experience because of that. All in all.

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 79%Much to act about nothing.

Dan H (nl) wrote: Solid movie, good acting. Not great but decent story.

Nick (de) wrote: I hate how they made him turn out to be,they make him seem like he did molest children and that he was in the closet.WORST!!

yana m (ag) wrote: baadshah! king of bollywood!

Jennifer H (br) wrote: I want to see this because in the movie... there is Peter Lawford... and he sings... french. Awww... kill me now! I want to see this so bad. Bad! I tell you! Bad!

Greg W (kr) wrote: great kept the rating lost my review!

Michael J (br) wrote: A comedy really. Not to be taken seriously. Still clever and fun. A five-star film for one who loves to laugh.

Karen H (au) wrote: 2017-03-23 meh, misogynist and gory

Ilja S (mx) wrote: The Wrestler is a highly intriguing and entertaining movie, with a great performance by Mickey Rourke and a thoughtful story.