The Nymph

The Nymph

Set during the second world war, the sentimental education of a sensual adolescent girl, growing out of her childhood in a small, impoverished village in Southern Italy.

In the World War II, in a small Italian village, Nunziata is an easy woman married with the cuckold tailor Gioacchino. Her teenage daughter Miluzza teases men with her clothes and gets men ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toha I (kr) wrote: rape your own history ....

Steven M (de) wrote: Jeff Buckley and Tim Buckley had amazing voices with huge talent for both of them to die too soon but this movie was terrible and became a huge let down from not including there real story's of both of them. two legends of rock music that have ever lived.

Daymian P (fr) wrote: You had to watch this movie it's very nice..

Jamie W (au) wrote: mes yeux ont t colls au tl en tabernac

Rachel B (us) wrote: very different from most Ghibli films, but it is still super cute and enjoyable.

Kirk E (mx) wrote: A dark and ambiguous film about mourning and loss.

Matthew A (de) wrote: One of the best Australian films of all time

Luke W (es) wrote: You can tell that every effort was made to be historically accurate and believable, but this film is unrelentingly bleak and by the end, you wonder if this was even worth watching.

Robert I (de) wrote: Great cast and spooky. Schumacher!? Well, this was in his "good" phase. Plus, Kiefer is amazing - better than "Lost Boys" amazing.

Phil E (mx) wrote: A very fun movie. One of my favorites!

Kayla L (es) wrote: I loved this movie! I couldn't believe the ending.

Leonardo K (de) wrote: Interesting movie about an adult trying to stay young and don't want to become old after visiting his old college campus. Additionally, a college student trying to grow old. Throughout the movie, you will see that people are just in a different chapter of a book.

Li H (nl) wrote: Enjoyed it more than I thought I would.