The Oak

The Oak

A description of Romania before Ceausescu's downfall, through the story of Nela. Daughter of a former colonel of the Securitate, the romanian political police. She refused to become as her sister, an agent of this Securitate, and lives with her father. After he died, she leaves Bucarest, and ends up in a little town, where she meets Mitica, a surgeon, another herself, laughing of everything.

A description of Romania before Ceausescu's downfall, through the story of Nela. Daughter of a former colonel of the Securitate, the romanian political police. She refused to become as her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen D (ca) wrote: It's just bad, I can't even come up with anything clever to say.

Blake L (kr) wrote: Was good, but not great. 3D was a waste of time, it had a lot of corny jokes, and some plot holes. Very cool effects though. The first scene before the credits was jaw dropping. Worth a watch and probably a Blu-ray purchase, but not as good as the first one.

Cristin T (gb) wrote: Bella pelcula. Bella persona. A tal punto que me gustara profundizar en la vida de esta artista. Recomendada para personas con espritu noble.

Jeaneth A (us) wrote: Fr lite Persbrandt....:o=..

Aron A (jp) wrote: A great epic, in the true sense of the word. It is not perfect, but as a whole and as a "moviegoing experience" i found it very enjoyable.

Mark D (ru) wrote: The actors sell this cliched material; plus the writing serviced their characters well with unique insights.

Ian M (kr) wrote: The first film where people run through The Louvre! I own both movies where that happens. This is a beautiful piece of film-making with some movie-stealing scenes. After watching The Dreamers I rushed to buy this. It is brilliant and I highly recommend it.

Mark E (es) wrote: It seems rape trials brought out the best in classic Hollywood screenwriters (based on this and its equally smart predecessor, "Anatomy of a Murder"). While the trial participants, including the unusually uninteresting E.G. Marshall, are cookie cutters, Douglas' conflicted defense attorney prefigures the whole Law & Order gestalt of hoping information and logic can free one from the vise of moral ambiguity. Douglas seems to have been cast here on the strength of his overtaxed captain in "Paths of Glory" four years earlier. Look for Robert Blake and Gomer Pyle's mean boss as two of the freaked-out defendants. Oh and btw, the Gene Pitney song ("Pulp Fiction") is here, but it couldn't have less to do with the proceedings.

Paul D (kr) wrote: A wonderful achievement in transferring a stage play onto the big screen seamlessly.

John R (ca) wrote: 150508: I really can't say this film is all that bad. Yesterday I was questioning how films such as Ghost Rock (2004) get created. Well, here is George Takei (Doc Valentine) and Meg Foster (Stell Barr) from Cagney & Lacey fame (as well as Young Riders for you western fans). Some campy special effects and characters add to the simple entertainment held within this film. A hot Musetta Vander appears as Lash and the Adams Family's Carel Struycken as Gaunt. Now I'm thinking of seeking out Oblivion a matter of fact, I will seek it out.

visitorQ S (us) wrote: Wirklich gelungener Film mit einem guten Anthony Perkins und einer grandiosen Tuesday Weld als Sue Ann. Ihr Charakter ist so cool und sie spielt ihn so gut, dass sie den Film beinahe alleine trgt. 3,5/5 (ohne Tuesday Weld htte er 3/5 bekommen)

Sgt C (us) wrote: (34%)It could have been a fun popcorn movie with its good cast, setting, and effects, but the script is far too lazy and broken for that to happen, with its lack of decent laughs, and terrible plot. It's not the worst big Hollywood folly ever, it just breaks a big mass market movie rule in that it's a hard movie to take any real enjoyment from.

Todd B (fr) wrote: Probably one of the most dull and longest films I've ever been FORCED to watch when I was a kid.

Candy V (br) wrote: One of the best adventure movies ever. Do yourself a favor and watch it. You won't be sorry.