The Object of Beauty

The Object of Beauty

A valuable piece of art is stolen from a couple.

This story is about a ne'er do well and his girlfriend search for a thief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Object of Beauty torrent reviews

Charlie G (au) wrote: Typical revenge movie

Curt L (nl) wrote: Horrible acting, few laughs, but lots of nice boobs. that's about all.

Ryan W (ag) wrote: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...uhy

Cecile L (mx) wrote: The US media is anything but diverse, competitive and independent. We all know that, and yet we are not in the streets protesting... This documentary, even if it presents facts that we already know, is a must see.

Josh W (nl) wrote: All tje rush hours were amazing, i cannot wait for this one.

MF J (de) wrote: Interesting film, great story and great cast. This is probably the film that finally broke the silence about AIDS and it's terrible consequences on people being affected. Solid film.

Rith C (mx) wrote: I find Rocky Horror and its lesser-known counterpart Shock Treatment to be huge statements on the world we live in, except it displays the similar themes in exact opposite ways of each other and in different realities altogether (so stop labelling it a sequel because it most certainly isn't. You have to separate them completely). I enjoyed the minor details, like how Brad and Janet's roles in their relationship are exactly flipped, and the nod to Magenta and RiffRaff that Cosmo and Nation give, as two actors who are in a romantic relationship together off-set and play siblings on-set. Shock Treatment which is a more serious film in appearance makes the same statements about individuality except in reverse. It shows us this perfect yet extremely literal version of the world we live in today, filmed 30 years in the past, where EVERYTHING is centered around the media and television. Knowing that, Shock Treatment would probably have done 10 times better if it wasn't connected to Rocky Horror and it was released a decade or two later with updated everything. Sometimes it's even incredibly difficult to figure out what is a television program and what is the reality of what is happening. Sometimes it's both. The more I watched it, the more I noticed surrounding this concept. Honestly, by the time I watched this film during my obsession with Rocky Horror I found the music from Shock Treatment to actually be better, yet both enjoyable in their own ways.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Good actors, not well acted.

Shawne (fr) wrote: In too many ways, the Hollywood animation industry has ruined the market for everyone else. Disney and Pixar are leading a pack - DreamWorks, Fox, Sony - that have considerable resources at their disposal: they can easily afford to hire the best talents and bombard the entire world with adorable tie-in merchandise, even if the films they're producing aren't particularly good. It's a real shame, because it means that smaller, semi-independent efforts like The House Of Magic - an utterly charming French co-production - might too easily fall by the wayside.Abandoned by his owners, a cat sneaks into a mysterious mansion that the neighbourhood pets are convinced is haunted. In short order, our feline protagonist gains a new name (Thunder) and a new master - the genial, elderly Lawrence, a magician who lives happily in a magical world with his toys and mechanical gizmos. However, Thunder also gains a few enemies: Jack Rabbit and Maggie Mouse have no intention of allowing him to become part of Lawrence's act, even as Lawrence's nefarious nephew Danny plots to sell the house away.Plot-wise, there isn't anything particularly special about The House Of Magic. The story marches along in largely predictable fashion - the schemes cooked up by Thunder and his buddies aren't enormously innovative and the ending of the film is never in doubt. It's also the kind of movie in which moral complexities are easier to ignore than include, so don't expect many shades of grey in the characters of Thunder, Lawrence or Danny. Even Jack Rabbit, who proves a worthy, grouchy secondary antagonist to Thunder is quickly forgotten in the film's action-packed ending.But it's all woven together to charming, sweet effect in the film, which benefits enormously from its excellent character design. It's easy to forgive the straightforward narrative when it's hurried along so effectively by the bouncy, adorable Thunder and his desire to be part of a family again. Lawrence's toys are also wonderfully realised: Edison, the most expressive walking lightbulb you'll ever see, is a standout, but the other supporting characters are lovingly developed too. Much of the joy in the film comes from watching them come together to thwart Danny's efforts.Taken all together, The House Of Magic has the feel of a well-worn bedtime story: it may occasionally feel like something you've seen a thousand times before, but it's also powered by a comfortable, familiar spark of magic - the kind that makes you feel right at home, wherever you might be.Summary: This house breaks little new ground but is nevertheless filled to the rafters with its own magic and charm.