The Odd Angry Shot

The Odd Angry Shot

A group of Australian SAS regiment soldiers are deployed to Vietnam around 1967/8 and encounter the realities of war, from the numbing boredom of camp life and long range patrols, raids and ambushes where nothing happens, to the the terror of enduring mortar barrages from an unseen enemy. Men die and are crippled in combat by firefights and booby traps, soldiers kill and capture the enemy, gather intelligence and retake ground only to cede it again whilst battling against the bureaucracy and obstinacy of the conventional military hierarchy. In the end they return to civilization, forever changed by their experiences but glad to return to the life they once knew.

In between drinking cans of Fosters beer, Australian soldiers tread on a few landmines, and generally experience the war in Vietnam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dunia S (it) wrote: Enjoyable movie, full of artistic details. a little bit long, but still deserve watching.

jordan c (br) wrote: cast had a flow and made me and everyone I know saw a true friendship come alive in this fast and exhilarating movie.

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James S (es) wrote: Definitely got me thinking about middle eastern politics and USA foreign intervention.

Phillip B (es) wrote: What can I say, curiosity got the better of me, I like Stallone and I'm a completest, I like to watch the epicly 'not even in a fun way' bad movies as a red badge of courage....take your pick. This takes what would better fit a sketch comedy routine and stretches it into a not even 90 minute film. A city cop's overbearing mother comes into town and then HI-JINKS. However, even for how grating it can be I did laugh two or three times and at the end of the day I'd rather watch this then any sophomoric comedies, or god-awful parodies coming out today. So Good Job Movie! You aren't Scary Movie 5.

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GDSwagPunch (it) wrote: Why won't it let me put a Zero Stars as a rating, it was horrible

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