The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

Felix Ungar has just broken up with his wife. Despondent, he goes to kill himself but is saved by his friend Oscar Madison. With nowhere else to go, Felix is urged by Oscar to move in with him, at least for a while. The only problem is that Felix is neat, tidy, and neurotic, whereas Oscar is slovenly and casual. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Greg W (de) wrote: awesome debut pic from Canadian director atom egoyan

Warren W (ru) wrote: How the fuck do movies like this ever see the light of day? Anyone? This one owes me stars.

Jon F (nl) wrote: funny film adaptation of the classic sci-fi adult cartoon

Jim H (gb) wrote: Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her family survive Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath.The film takes several pot shots at the Bush Administration and the local governments in their handling of the disaster, and it sets up its primary subject as a hero, a survivor in the face of unimaginable hardship. Politically, I agree with the film's disdain, and although it took me a while to like Roberts, by the end of the film, I admired her even if I don't know how long we could sustain a conversation in real life.Overall, it's biased, but Trouble the Water is ultimately an important film.

Jason C (ag) wrote: Much more of a movie than I thought it was going to be. Great casting and another great acting job by Ice Cube. Great, well constructed plot. Very good timing and... it had Katt Williams in it so you know it is going to be good.

Li (ag) wrote: Hack! was an original idea as far as my knowledge goes... and that phrase my friends was sarcastic. Almost every horror film thinks it's so smart when it uses old horror movies, or deaths from other movies, or even talk of older horror movies because that makes the movie interesting to horror lovers. But it doesn't. This movie was ok... but not great or even good. The acting was extremley sterio-typical and stupid, while the direction was about the only thing this movie has to be proud of. I could call the entire movie within the moment the students got onto the island. There is no 'suprise' ending because you can see everything that's happening before it happens. I don't think there is even a reason to really enjoy much of this movie besides the fact that it was so funny to see the different types of characters die, because it was just that, fun to watch the characters in this movie die. They had the same make up of characters that are always in a horro rmovie, and they die in basically the same way. that's why this movie is so unoriginal. They have the geeky-girl that has a crush on the popular boy, they're both virgins because those that have sex always die first. There is the air-head jock, who has sex, there is the sexy foreign girl, who has sex, there is the out-going and different girl, who is best friends with the gay guy, and the big-buff-black-guy who has a bunch of girls. Steriotypical or what? They all die the same way there characters always die in movies, if they die, ofcourse. I saw this movie hoping there would be something more to it that what the summary suggests (Wanting to raise their grades, a handful of college kids are randomly selected for a field trip to study wildlife, but don't get the chance as clich horror film-style murders occur.) But watching it I see nothing more that "cliche" as the summary so plainly puts it. Not really worth the watch, at least if you want to see scary, becasuse it's not what you'll get.

Marcus W (br) wrote: I am never going to Australia. Not ever.

Ejay K (jp) wrote: her movie is always greeeeeeeat

Rob J (fr) wrote: A question of ethical reporting from an era when technology was simpler but there's some relevance for today's journalists. That is, if you can get past the pace of a 70s movie (made in the 80s). Although, the issues presented here are largely dependent upon a North American legislative/constitutional context

William W (gb) wrote: A very different but strong angle on the typical Blaxploitation flick. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I haven't seen a lot of Ossie Davis' work, either directing (which he does here) or acting (besides 'Bubba Ho-Tep' from late in his career), but it makes me want to check out a lot more. Well worth your trouble to find, worth buying and rewatching, in fact.

Irma A (mx) wrote: every family has dealt with the crises this family is dealing with at some point of their lives. a gem of a film.

Trill F (ag) wrote: Well done, interesting. Not particularly enjoyable.

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