The Odd Job

The Odd Job

Arthur Harris is a happily married man who returns from his job to discover that his wife, Fiona, is leaving him. Devastated he gets really drunk and tries to commit suicide. After a few setbacks and while he is trying to electrocute himself with a lamp, the door bell rings. An odd man in a leather coat asks if there are any odd jobs that he can perform. Arthur hires the man to kill him. The next day his wife returns, but the man he hired is still trying to kill him...

Arthur Harris is a happily married man who returns from his job to discover that his wife, Fiona, is leaving him. Devastated he gets really drunk and tries to commit suicide. After a few ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (us) wrote: Grimy, dark and unrelenting the evils that befall the dregs of criminal humanity that inhabit the murkier streets of London may be, but this is energetic, attention-grabbing work with a driving soundtrack that suggests Ben Drew/Plan B can produce some vital work in the future.

John B (es) wrote: Nice family adventure movie as I enjoyed this one and made me wonder if this is a series. I would be interested to watch more of The Adventurer and the stories that are told.

Ana M (fr) wrote: Yo no puedo creer que nunca antes haba visto esta pelcula.La manera en la que Viggo Mortensen le pone el cuerpo (literalmente) a Nikolai me dej muda.

Gaspar O (ag) wrote: I picked this up at a Blockbuster that was going out of business, mainly because Michael Madsen was in it and I wanted to watch him kick some Mongol ghost ass. Sadly, his part is small and the most exciting thing he did was spit beer. This is not a great movie but it's not the worst movie I've seen either. I enjoyed the brief moments of gore and liver eating.

g y (fr) wrote: thrilling, especially the motel room scene

Ana M (jp) wrote: Lo mejor de lo mejor para quienes vimos la serie, no se perdieron detalle...

Nicola W (gb) wrote: This could have been better, great cast, but not much story. Kathy Burke was funny as always, Rhys Ifans, Ricky Tomlinson and Robert Carlisle all played their parts well, but I just felt like it was lacking something. Dry British drama.

Edwin P (de) wrote: Films that use very little narrative and dialogue when conveying its major theme(s) often do not succeed. "The Wind Will Carry Us" (from Iran ) is an exception. It is mostly abstract and uses a lot of symbolism to tell about the human condition and how time passes one by. The film, from Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, is fairly simple but the processes he use makes the film very notable. One has to really pay attention when watching this film. The story is told over a period of about two weeks or so but the film is tricky as it doesn't show the passing of days with the use of nighttime scenes or a fade out. Instead it uses a very subtle approach. For example, in one continuous scene where the main character is driving on a country road, Kiarostami only makes a slight change in clothing to show that we are now watching the same character in another day. While films with some type of a straightforward narrative are still my preference, "The Wind Will Carry Us" is memorable because the challenges it presents is its ultimate reward. Film as an art form is all the more realized under Kiarostami's creative vision. The images he creates and leaves us with are poetically and lyrically honest making us appreciate both the film medium and the craft of filmmaking that much more. That kind of an achievement in cinema is rare.

Kim W (mx) wrote: I enjoy films that throw a ton of stories in you face at once.. and actually pull it off.

Connor B (gb) wrote: Not perfect, but much more enjoyable and involving than Beneath.

Caitlin L (ru) wrote: Not that great of a movie. Very boring.