The Offsiders

The Offsiders

Under the leadership of an ex-footballer, a bunch of homeless men set up a football team and train hard to take part in the world championship.

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Alex r (nl) wrote: What to say about the Bloodrayne franchise now? Now that the series is in its third entry, and never has shown any signs of watchable value, it's clear that this was made for a quick buck. Master of Schlock horror, Uwe Boll, who redeemed himself with the action horror thriller Rampage basically goes back to his roots and makes another bad. I simply hope that this is the last Bloodrayne film, as this truly one of the most awful series in the history of horror. This is yet another awful schlock fest that really doesn't have anything memorable. Boll's third Bloodrayne film is a poorly constructed mess like the last two in the series. This film lacks a great story, and it proves that Boll can't direct a consistent film that is worth watching. The Third Reich may have been an interesting idea for a vampire film, but the problem is, is that it's helmed by Uwe Boll who is one of the worst directors working today. Maybe if this film would have been directed by someone else, and had a better script than maybe it would have been a good try. Unfortunately with every Boll film, it's a horrible misfire. With very poor directing, a poor script and poor cast, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich simply isn't worth watching. Uwe Boll makes another dud. Hopefully this is the final entry in the Bloodrayne franchise, as this is probably the most brain dead franchise in horror since the Leprechaun and Puppet Master series.

Wendy D (jp) wrote: This film represents very well the current situation in which there are some countries and suggests the true meaning of justice with clear ideas. A very good movie, that takes us to a future in London, adapted by James McTeigue. The main idea is good and innovative. The key to the film is its protagonist, who is hiding under the nickname V and is personified by Hugo Weaving whose face we will not have the possibility to observe. It is a complex character, full of motivations and ideas, he is reproached as a crazy person, as terrorist, and acclaimed as a hero by others. V is a mysterious being, and we will not get to know thoroughly, but he will be able to inspire us all sorts of feelings: sometimes we feel fear when we saw him appear, and sometimes irrational confidence. But V will not be alone, and that is where Natalie Portman, Evey, a girl who develop a close and special relationship with the masked man enters. In addition, a number of characters evolving guide the flow of the film.

Peter P (es) wrote: Inspiring! The Harlem Renaissance movement revisited!

Mr Movie R (jp) wrote: Weird but good weird.

Luca D (us) wrote: Questo film ha molti difetti ma sicuramente non gli manca l'originalit.Tra i difetti principali noto una trama troppo appiattita sugli effetti delle droghe (ovviamente sono il fulcro del racconto, ma qualcosa in pi si poteva mettere nel film oltre alle due frasi finali).L'altro difetto la regia, che prova a ridare l'effetto psichedelico ma che spesso cade nel comico e sembra che tutto il film sia una grande burla (anche qui si discosta la scena finale).Un film comunque da vedere.

Leonard D (it) wrote: Wonder if this was one of the inspirations for the game Five Nights At Freddy's?

Scott W (ag) wrote: Entertaining, cheap sci-fi about a small group of people left behind following an evacuation following an invasion by an army of Venusian robots. Actually the 'army' only ever amounts to one robot - a man in a dodgy costume, who looks ridiculous stumbling up a flight of stairs! Richard Denning stars and Whit Bissell is the military scientist who discovers a way to disable the robot army.

Jason D (ag) wrote: Much better than some of Seagal's other recent movies. Ignore the plot and just watch the action