The Offspring

The Offspring

In a small Tennessee town, an historian relates four horror stories to a reporter.

In a small Tennessee town, an historian relates four horror stories to a reporter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mette S (br) wrote: WTF did I just watch?! Yes, it was gory. But why? What was it about?! A girl rotting? That's it? Why was she rotting? Why make a movie about that?? For gods sake ...

Jeff G (mx) wrote: Perhaps the worst movie ending in history.

Ashley H (au) wrote: Louder Than Words is a disappointing film. It is about a couple who work to build a state of the art children's hospital where families are welcomed into the healing process after the death of their daughter. David Duchovny and Timothy Hutton give terrible performances. The script is badly written. Anthony Fabian did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

(ru) wrote: 2 stars for the movie. 1/2 star for matthew mcconaughey's character, another 1/2 for bill murray in general

Aaron D (it) wrote: this movie is just another invasion movie but the way they delivered it was exciting and was never boring

John B (nl) wrote: Funny movie and touching story in Adam Sandler style which I enjoyed. Good cast and storyline.

Crystal W (ag) wrote: Very funny. Worth watching for the actors.

Shubhra R (it) wrote: A powerful, provocative and poignant critique of our romance with the idea of the innocence of childhood and children.I would dearly like to see the Peter Brook version.

Nick B (ag) wrote: Thought it was going to be a cool movie like Gremlins but just ended up being pretty terrible. The monster were pretty cool just wanting to look at naked ladies but the people in the movie were just awful.

Jani L (jp) wrote: Mmmmmmm, Mifune Toshiro.

Adam B (nl) wrote: An absolute classic, used to watch it all the time when I was younger

Matthew S (br) wrote: Sam de Jong's film tells the story of a Dutch-Moroccan teen trying to find his way to some level of power in a life that seems to be veering so far out of his control he is slipping into despair. He strikes some gold thanks to a solid cast, most especially Ayoub Elasri in the title role. The film is overly-stylized and not in a good way. Pretty to look at, but it gets in the way of the a story that seems to be set in the reality of lower-class Amsterdam. The film deals with poor parenting, drug addiction, bullying, peer pressure and the criminal underground. The entire film is presented in shiny color as if any minute it is going to morph into a mix of "Napoleon Dynamite" merged with "United Colors of Benetton" -- all with 80's synth music. In fact, the tidy ending seems like a clip from some Euro-Fashion Advert. Despite some strong performances and several powerful scenes, the film offers some entertainment but is ultimately limp.

Dave R (ca) wrote: a somewhat dull cold war allegory. i was expecting a creepy thriller and it started off well but then it just lost steam for me.

Luca D (kr) wrote: Rocco e i suoi fratelli sicuramente un pilastro del neorealismo italiano ed un capolavoro del cinema in generale. Personalmente sento che gli manca un qualcosina per arrivare alla perfezione, ma parliamo di inezie e gusti personali. La storia che lega i fratelli varia in mille sfaccettature e visioni della vita diverse e spesso contrastanti. La visione della pellicola crea una genuina empatia tra lo spettatore e le storie raccontate ed questa la vera forza del film, questo avviene senza facili ammiccamenti e storie strappalacrime.

Carlos G (mx) wrote: De esta pelcula salen frases clebres para definir la vida real

Edward C (es) wrote: I love any movie Vin makes

Jamal G (es) wrote: tHIRD EYE, ITS I N [email protected] BREW... SAY FU

Bruno V (it) wrote: Liked this allthow it's hard subject like young women being kidnapped and brought into prostetution ...but it still happens all over the world anno 2016 ! Fine acting by Rachel Weisz . SOMDVD

Jake A (it) wrote: There are only a few things to like about this film and they are Arnie, the action and the special effects everything else jumps up and down on the first two films like they don't even matter. It also has a convoluted plot, relatively poor script and the rest of the cast is weak. Speaking of the cast, why does Jai Courtney keep getting roles like this? He is bland and average at acting. This is also the second time he has been in a poor fifth entry in a series that was once great, stop casting that man please! All this film made me think about was how great the first two were and made me want to watch them all the more.

Adam K (br) wrote: A masterfully crafted thriller that is creepy (in the best sense) and perfectly paced, keeping you in suspense the whole time. The performances are perfect, the cinematography is stunning, and the story is surprisingly thoughtful; all of this and an ending to remember. This was a film I could not forget and had to watch twice. On Netflix.