The Old Guard

The Old Guard

Retraité de la SNCF, Baptiste Talon revient en Vendée dans son village natal de Thioune ou Tioune pour y retrouver deux vieux amis : Jean-Marie Pejat et Blaise Poulossière. Pourquoi tous trois n'entreraient-ils pas à l'hospice de Gouyette ? Les voilà partis, non sans disputes, mais l'établissement leur semble si rébarbatif qu'ils le fuient à la suite d'une panique déclenchée par leurs soins.

Three old chums who are number ones in the business of practical jokes decide to leave their village from Vendée in France in order to go and live in a old people's nursing home. Pested off... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victoria Z (us) wrote: passively watched the series and I dug it plus the fashion of course. watching this movie was largely dissapointing. maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am watching it 6 years later...

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Michael B (au) wrote: Poor acting... Unauthentic gear for the period

Marc R (jp) wrote: A somber, transfixing depiction of tragedy on a very intimate, disturbingly blunt level. The long takes hold bleak power and lyricism