The Old Memory

The Old Memory

Documentary that revolves around the Spanish Civil War and the postwar period. It interchanges archive images with statements by Abad Santillán, Raimundo Fernández Cuesta, Frederic Escofet,...

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Per Gunnar J (it) wrote: Independence Day: Resurgence is pretty much what I expected. Actually, given all the negative reviews floating around, it is almost better than what I expected. As is almost always the case, all the 1 and 2 star ratings and "worst movie ever" reviews are pure bullshit. The biggest advantage the original movie had was the novelty of it all. This movie is really pretty much the same except for the special effects being even bigger to the extent that they are somewhat over the top at times and the plot somewhat thinner. Having said the latter, the original movie did not really have much in terms of plot either and the nonsense of giving a totally alien computer a virus was so bad it really dragged down the movie.In the relatively short timespan of two decades humanity have improved their technology base by several orders of magnitude (ray guns on the moon etc. etc...). The speed of improvement is of course pretty unrealistic, even with access to alien technology, but hey, I can live with that in order to increase the coolness factor of the movie.Then comes an alien ship. Not the aliens we all expected by another one. The ship is totally different from the previous ones, do not seem aggressive but of course dumbass politicians manage to screw everything up. Fast forward a couple of scenes and the "real" aliens arrive. Of course this time they have a bigger flyswatter and they perfunctorily proceed to swat away the puny, extremely slow firing, little ray guns of the humans and we are back to where we started in the original movie. Huge space ship parks on Earth, time for plan B.Well there were quite a few scenes of big space ships, destruction and mayhem before the aliens finally manage to park their spaceship. I guess finding a parking space for a 5 000 kilometer space ship can be a bit tricky (I though I had an issue with my Jeep). Here is were I have quite some gripes about the movie. The special effects are cool, no question about it, but they are also exaggerated and throws any attempt to be remotely adhering to the laws of physics out the window. It is clear that whatever low intelligence storywriter that wrote that garbage flunked science classes in school, if he ever got that far of course. For instance, we have a 5 000 kilometer (the Earth radius is about 6 370 kilometer) that is big enough to generate its own gravity (apparently the engines somehow contributed to this) flies in and lands on earth. When it approaches items on the surface, cars, trains, ships, skyscrapers and bits and pieces of the Earth itself starts to fly upwards. It makes for cool effects but anyone with a mediocrum of intelligence ought to realize that such a force would actually destabilize Earth itself. Possibly change the speed of rotation as well as the orbit around the sun.The story is full of other typical Hollywood stupidities and plot holes. Christ even my kids could spot the plot holes which were often big enough to drive a battleship through!As for the acting. Well, I would say there is not too much to say about it. Most of the main actors managed to make it through the movie without screwing up too badly. Given that it was not the deepest or thought provoking movie one could imagine I would say that was good enough. The best character in my opinion was Judd Hirsch as Julius Levinson. The worst one was probably Dr. Okun. Not that Brent Spiner was making a bad job of representing him but the character was just to crazed out for my taste.Okay, I will stop whining now. This movie was pretty much exactly what I expected. Great special effects tied together with a paper thin story. I went into it hoping that the effects were going to be good with little expectations on the rest and that is exactly what I got. The movie fulfilled my expectations completely and thus I consider it worth 7 out of 10 stars. I enjoyed the two hours watching it.

Van R (mx) wrote: The Steven Seagal actioneer "Urban Justice" is a formulaic, straight-to-video, B-movie crime thriller with all the usual clichs and stock characters, including corrupt cops, African-American and Hispanic gangsters, helpless snitches, profane dialogue galore, and a father with a mysterious past bent on avenging the death of his grown-up son. The important difference between the typical movie that fits this description and "Urban Justice" is that Steven Seagal plays the protagonist here with his quintessential, ultra-cool style and his unique aikido combat technique. Comedian Eddie Griffin is cast as Seagal's nemesis and he spouts some of the most sardonic dialogue that you've ever heard. When one of his crew fails to ice the Seagal character, Griffin calls him "b***h" and then speculates about if he shouldn't purchase him a dress and a pair of roller skates to complete the picture. Everybody utters the f-word or variations on the f-word at least 50 times. Not surprisingly, ghetto slang pervades scenarist Gilmar Fortis II's tough guy dialogue. "Urban Justice" surpasses the standard Seagal direct-to-video release with its deceptively simple but satisfying storyline about vengeance. This is also an interesting relationship between our protagonist and a snitch. Our hero devastates a succession of brawny adversaries, reducing them to whining casualties if he doesn't ice them outright. "Mercenary for Justice" director Don E. FauntLeRoy, pulling double-duty as the cinematographer, stages a credible chase scene and orchestrates an exciting firefight that boasts some best geysering blood squibs since Sam Peckinpah made bloodletting imperative with"The Wild Bunch." Max Ballister(Cory Hart of "Stop-Loss") is a nice, clean-cut, conscientious, young L.A.P.D. Vice Squad cop with a pretty wife. He witnesses one of his colleagues, Frank Shaw (Kirk B.R. Woller of "Swordfish"), as undercover law enforcement agents roust a motorist and takes something from him. Max snaps a photo of these dudes taking something from the suspect and handing it to a guy in a big white car. Later, Max receives a phone call and drives off to a rendezvous where he is shot dead in the street by a passing motorist. Mind you, Max's murder would have amounted to nothing special were his father not Simon Ballister (Steven Seagal of "On Deadly Ground") who regrets not having spent more time with him. Says Simon to a friend, "There's really no greater sorrow that when a man's own child passes away before he does." Anyway, Simon checked with the L.A.P.D, and Det. Shaw informs him that the chances of bringing Max's murderer to justice "are slim to none." Simon visits Max's wife after the L.A.P.D. funeral with an honor guard firing a salute to the memory of their deceased comrade. Simon moves into an upstairs apartment in one of the worst crime-ridden sections of town and promptly encounters several members of the local criminal element and flattens them with his aikido skills. Meanwhile, Shaw is working in co-hoots with black gangster Armand Tucker (Eddie Griffin of "Norbit") who wants his henchmen to make Simon "lay down and stay down." As it turns out, disposing of Simon proves to be virtually impossible. During his search for the individual that shot Max, Simon meets an African-American youth, Gary Morrison (Jade Yorker), who sends him down the wrong alley to Hispanic ganglord El Chivo (Danny Trejo of "Reindeer Games"), but Chivo assures Simon that he had nothing to do with Max's murder. In fact, Chivo says that Max was a good cop and killing him would have brought more heat down on him than he needed. Simon turns this over in his brain and observes, "You know, I look at you and I see a man like me . . . a bad man with good intentions." Sadly, the great Trejo is in "Urban Justice" for one scene only in what amounts to a cameo. Meanwhile, Armand Tucker (Eddie Griffin) dispatches his crew to wipe out Simon, but they fail miserably. By the time that Simon has learned the identity of his son's killer, he has massacred virtually all of Armand's crew. The ending has a surprise that you'd never expect. Everything in "Urban Justice" is predictable, but it's always fun to watch Seagal demolish overconfident adversaries without mussing his hair. "Urban Justice" stands out among too many of Seagal's recent movies that either were really execrable (but kept the paychecks rolling in) or inserted dubbed lines into the "Under Siege" star's lips. Oh, yes, Seagal gets his man.

Justin H (jp) wrote: We can't stop here, this is bat country! Oh, and the bats turn people into zombies. It's a perfectly serviceable horror concept that never really goes anywhere. We never really get a feel for any of the characters, barring one scene of exposition where we're told one guy is kind of a whiny jerk, and another guy's sister has been upset ever since he moved out of the house...and that's about it. Not helping matters are the slow pacing, the lack of any real scares, and the fact that the film looks like it was shot in the late '70s, despite the 2005 release date. And the film is book-ended by this parody(?) of a late night TV horror show, that the director makes the bizarre choice of actually trying to tie into the movie later on. Suffice it to say, this doesn't work; in fact, not much in "The Roost" does. It wasn't terrible, just rather dull and uninvolving.

Emil E (mx) wrote: The photography is amazing, but rest is just.. Beautiful shots dont make a film, it needs to be told in some kind of story form. It's a shame but it's such a waste of this kind of footage.

Jesse T (nl) wrote: I can take or leave sentimentality, but I cannot ignore when a film actually portrays at least three truthful, complex relationships.

Tape T (mx) wrote: We love Steve James.

Walter M (ca) wrote: "Horror Express" starts with Professor Alexander Saxton(Christopher Lee) making the discovery of a lifetime in the Himalayas in 1906. Getting the specimen back to England proves tricky, first because of confusion at the Peking train station where he encounters Dr. Wells(Peter Cushing), another colleague. That is nothing compared to the thief who turns up dead on the train platform, nor the specimen disappearing once it is on the train which Inspector Mirov(Julio Pena) makes a point of investigating.First and foremost, "Horror Express" makes the most of its limited production values to tell an entertaining and fast paced thriller, led by the classic team of Cushing and Lee. It does not hurt that there is a lot of inventive thought put into the creature while much discussion is given over to science and knowledge.(Saxton is arrogant not because of what he knows but what he doesn't know.) On the other hand, the movie does end rather suddenly, just after Telly Savalas shows up to chow down on the scenery.

Cole F (ru) wrote: While I think the musical numbers are a little too long, Gene Kelly's singing and dancing well makes up for it! Truly the king of movie musicals.