The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders

The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders

Egon plans to exploit knowledge gained during his latest term of incarceration. By stealing the unmanipulated financial records of DanInvest he obtains the majority of the stocks in the department store Magasin du Nord, just in time for their closing sale. The attempt to get the red suitcase that will save the day they rob the main vault at the EEC headquarters in Brussels and end up hijacking a tank.

After his recent stay at Vridslose State Prison, Egon Olsen is back with a new plan. This includes breaking into the EU headquarters in Bruxelles, Belgium and even stealing a tank! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders torrent reviews

Leesa M (it) wrote: Chasing the victim down dragged out a bit too long, otherwise great.

Tamma J (fr) wrote: This is a wonderful movie,very inspirational...I think everyone needs to see this,especially the racist and the unforgiven!!

Anna B (ag) wrote: The first two acts are good, but it sort of just meanders off once Cherie quits, and then ends with a shrug. Similarly, the acting from the two leads is strong when they're in the excitement and enthusiasm stage, but once the heavier stuff comes around it gets a little cringey, especially Fanning's performance. The movie communicates the girls' great sense of joyful disbelief at their own success, but falters when that success turns sour. I loved the matter-of-fact depiction of Jett's homosexuality (and female sexuality in general), and I wish Stella Maeve's character had been more prominent because she was awesome.

Faisal H (es) wrote: This Movie is one sided and hotch potch.

Kenneth D (ru) wrote: Slashers like this one always have their ups and downs. Overall, I don't recommend this film unless you have a liking for clown antagonists.

Anthony H (au) wrote: Still a really good film. Yes, the action is not as good in 2016 as it was in 1982, but the movie still funny. I find it strange that people call this film cliche when this film actually created a lot of these cliches.

Marc K (mx) wrote: one of the best jointz ever.

Calyre Z (au) wrote: "Alice dans les villes"

Justin E (us) wrote: It's's bad. Could've been a mst3k movie.

Graham M (fr) wrote: Offensive? Not really. Boring as hell? Oh yes.

Frank N (mx) wrote: I read the book, loved it, didn't know there was a movie based on the book

Bloodmarsh K (fr) wrote: When Thompson's on the screen, the film shines - not so much, when he's not.

Ethan P (au) wrote: Crazy Heart is a rugged, deliberately slow film about recovery. Jeff Bridges is fantastic as a burned out, alcoholic country singer and Maggie Gyllenhaal is pretty good too, but the movie is too conventional to be anything other than an acting showcase.