The Omega Code

The Omega Code

In this spiritual thriller, an ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled as a secret code brings the world to the edge of Apocalypse. Gillen Lane (Casper Van Dien) is a expert on theology and mythology who has gained international fame as a motivational speaker.

Ancient codes hidden within the Torah reveals the secrets of global events, past (i.e. Hitler, the Kennedy assasination, the Gulf War), present, and future. One man (York) is after the Code... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (br) wrote: 1208: After only a few days I(TM)ve almost forgotten this film. Not sure what to say...I'm going to have to check out the original. It's got John Wayne so perhaps it will be more memorable?

Shawn W (de) wrote: one of the worst documentarys of all time! its like the filmmakers hung outside the local walmart with a sign reading "hay do you have crackpot theories about 2012 and the end of the world?" and they only interviewed weirdos that responded at the local walmart....absolutely pathetic this film is a shining example of how not to make a documentary! its too bad because it could have at least been interesting.

Yancy P (ca) wrote: A strikingly raw and realistic story of a poor, young woman in desperate search for something meaningful in her life. Her back-story and motivations are relatively ambiguous. We are simply shown a chapter in her life, and the struggles she faces and sacrifices she must make within. Wendy and Lucy is a subtle and quiet film, but still manages to hold a great amount of emotional power and depth to it, as does Michelle William's stunning performance. A wonderful film.

Jennifer E (us) wrote: I'm embarassed to say that I bought this. Needless to say I sold it right after that.

Purnima o (mx) wrote: scared da shit out of me

Alex S (br) wrote: Brilliant action thriller

Jessica H (ag) wrote: Stays true to what the film is trying to do while being mildly insuting, but mostly insightful.

Dany J (de) wrote: Interesting, significant, and exiting!

Raoul D (br) wrote: low budget jamaican gangster movie... some great performance despite the tv quality camera work.

Ellesse H (it) wrote: Love this when I was a kid- which is odd since I loath Corin Nemec & Danny Glover

Dan B (kr) wrote: While certainly outrageous and often gruesome, Dr. Caligari runs out of steam halfway through and never quite picks back up until the last ten minutes. At its peak the film is hilarious and an excellent example of an unconventional art film. The choreography and rhythm are amusing, and a couple of the performances (while wooden) are pretty entertaining. The sets and "special effects" are top-notch, and Sayadian has no problem immersing the viewer in whatever strange world the film takes place in. If all 80 minutes were the equivalent of the tongue scene, this could be a great film. The only problem is that the second "act" seems to almost take itself seriously, which is the exact opposite direction that a film like this wants to go in. This might be the strangest movie I've ever seen, but I was hoping for a more satisfying one to claim that title.

Stefan G (mx) wrote: This is quite a strange film. You have a awesome-sounding cowboy named Tuck who must go with Professor Bromley to return a tiny horse to a forbidden valley where dinosaurs apparently roam free. Wow. Harryhausen's trademark effects work really well here. Not to mention, the sight of the miniature horse was adorably funny.

Bill T (kr) wrote: Very interesting adaptation of Dracula here. Some elements are removed (Renfield is completely gone!) and some completely revised (some of the main characters die unexpectedly) and some interesting plot revelations (A reason for Dracula going to London is fully laid out here), but I appreciated the work. There seems to be some plot holes evident (or footage taken out) but this version of Dracula, starring Britsh actors I know nothing about, held my interest. Check 'er out!

Aaron N (es) wrote: Great movie could have been longer & certain part in the movie could have been more believable

Robbie T (jp) wrote: I liked it. I really liked it. Underrated with a big fat 20% on the tomatometer. Sure he's way too old for the role, and sure it's not very realistic by today's standards, but it is thoroughly entertaining and endlessly quotable and I do recommend it.

Cat R (de) wrote: A very moving film, definitely recommend it :)