The One-Handed Trick

The One-Handed Trick


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
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The One-Handed Trick torrent reviews

Donovan Zohan D (mx) wrote: I don't see all the hate... at least the jumpscares are actually good, the plot is steady, characters are likeable, what more could you ask for? The atmosphere actually made me paranoid as shit, I had to keep checking the house for ghosts and demons at night haha.

Eileen P (ag) wrote: I do not understand why this is a comedy. There is absolutely NOTHING funny in this film. Its' about a basically nice girl, although inexperienced and nerdy who develops a crush on a guy who thinks he's wonderful in bed, but from what is shown, he is as nerdy as she is. He cares about her but tells her to get more experience. On the face of it, this is a legitimate thing to say to her but why oh why does she pick (there is no nice way to put this), anything with male parts, men she does not even know. She is not gaining experience, just having sex and not only is there no comedy, I do not see the purpose of her doing this. It didn't make her any better in bed. At the end of the movie, her nerdy guy finally admits out loud that he cares and she knows she does so they are finally able to kiss properly? The only point this movie makes is that you don't need sexual prowess, you only need to care about someone to make everything flow smoothly. Why do I always pick the weird movies?

Jin S (mx) wrote: This is still my favorite documentary film. A must see.

Manish M (es) wrote: One of the better thrillers I've seen recently (that includes A Wednesday). Rajeev Khandelwal has done justice to the role, and while the script leaves some questions unanswered, you wouldn't be asking them for too long after the movie ends. Good storyline, great performance.Overall: Watch it once.

Paul B (ru) wrote: Have you noticed how the American people were bigoting the Flash over his red suit (like the color of the flag of the Soviet Union)? This brings an important message on the paranoia our nation is going through these days.

Rachel P (nl) wrote: yea it looks good and i wanna c it

Colton C (mx) wrote: It's like The Real World if the real world were a snuff film.

Norman F (ca) wrote: I think I've found my favourite movie of all time.

Jon B (nl) wrote: I really wanted to like this film, with Paul Auster at the helm and an all-star cast including Harvey Keitel, Mira Sorvino, Gina Gershon and Vanessa Redgrave, and even cameos by Lou Reed and David Byrne. But I'm sorry -- the film's stilted, it meanders aimlessly, and it has one of those stupid endings that makes me want to bang my head into a wall. It's one of those films that pretends to say a lot, but actually says very little, and that frustrates the hell out of me. Highly disappointed by this one.

Calum B (es) wrote: "Truth or Dare" is a documentary that follows the escapades of pop queen Madonna and her backup dancers during her infamous 1990 Blonde Ambition World Tour. Some of her performances from this tour are included, and are filmed in color, while the moments she is not performing are filmed in black and white. Madonna is famous for constantly reinventing her image, and this Madonna is quite different from the Madonna of today. This was before the two kids and the African baby adoption, the second marriage to Guy Ritchie, and Kabbalah. This is the Madonna of 1990 : bold, controversial, sexual, artistic, and constantly pushing boundaries and limits. Her Blonde Ambition tour was a spectacle, full of elaborate choreography, costume and set changes, religious themes, and sexuality. Whether you love or hate her, one look at this movie does not question why she is one of the most successful female artists ever. She is no doubt a visionary, very driven, charismatic, and an energetic performer. Everyone knows Madonna the performer. But, Truth or Dare gives you a peek at Madonna the person. Some people have painted a picture of her as a cold-hearted bitch. There is no doubt that Madonna can dish out some diva attitude when she wants to. She sees herself as the boss, and anyone who tries to step on her toes better watch out. Plus the BA tour was very demanding, with back to back dates and non-stop sets. I'm sure you'd be quite stressed or frustrated in that situation as well.But her critics don't really take the time to point out her good qualities. She has a great sense of humor & can be very caring towards others, like her family and her back up dancers, whom she regards as her family. She sings "Happy Birthday" on stage to her father, waits for hours for her brother to show up backstage, and promotes unity between her dancers. This all seems like very genuine behavior to me. In one scene, a few of her family and friends note how impatient and demanding she can be. But she does seem to gain the people around her's love and respect. Yes, Madonna is very smart and a master at manipulating the media. So she did have control over this project and what was seen and what wasn't. But I give her credit for being brave enough to show the good & bad of her, and being unafraid to face criticism for it. In my opinion, nothing in the film was too appalling. The infamous "laugh" when she discovers her makeup artist was drugged and raped was a nervous reaction, and she did immediately apologize after wards. Madonna has often taken flack for her image, and it could just be the fact that some people don't know how to handle a strong-minded, ambitious woman. I recommend this film to people who like Madonna, cause if you don't you probably won't appreciate it or like it. There's great concert footage included as well, which fans will especially enjoy. It's also a great snap shot of the past Madonna. Whether you agree with her actions or not, she's always compelling and interesting to watch.

danny d (mx) wrote: this is one of my favorite christmas stories of all time. its not a great movie so part of my score is based on nostalgia, but i grew up on this and never missed an year of watching it. creative and different than any christmas movie out there.

Ebba R (br) wrote: Mooohahaha! Tillt mig skratta. ??2019: The New Barbarians?? har i princip samma ingredienser som alla andra postapokalyptiska rullar har (kvasifuturisktiska nitbekldda munderingar, pannband, tuppkammar, sminkade karlar, kaststjrnor och en unge som kan dda folk med sin slangbella). Skillnaden med ??2019?? r att det r en postapokalypsrulle p fucking pantburksbudget. Hlften av pantburkarna har man pantat och anvnt fr att hyra in Fred Williamson, och resten har man byggt ldbilar och laserpistoler av. Plastkassen som man knkade panten i har man sytt kostymer av och lgegget i botten p psen blev div srvtskor (blod, var mm).Jag menar, atombomben i brjan har man valt att kreera med hjlp av ett tomtebloss. MEN, som i alla italienska filmer frn den hr eran r sklart musiken ver all frvntan. S?H?R SER V?RLDEN UT I FRAMTIDEN, ?R 2019:? I framtiden nr man skjuter folk i brstet, flyger det ut prinskorvar.? Efter ett krnvapenkrig ser hela vrlden ut som ett och samma italienska grustag.? I framtiden r maxhastigheten vid ett chickenrace ca 35 km/h.? I framtiden r alla skurkar degenererade bgar som vldtar sina krigsfngar i sektliknande ritualer.? I framtiden har man varje morgon tid att spreja sin tuppkam. Man fr inte heller glmma att frga den i ngon glad kulrt, tex lila.? I framtiden r det ocks s pass fiffigt att tlten r genomskinliga, s att man enkelt kan bevittna nr hjlten bestiger den hjlplsa fotomodell han tidigare rddat frn barbarer. Detta gr hon gladeligen med p fast hon har en bruten axel.? ?r 2019 har axelvaddarna kommit tillbaka till modet. With a bullet!There you have it. Nu vet ni hur det kommer vara om 12 r ?? in the FUTURE!Ja just det, almost forgot. ?r 2019 kommer ditt namn kommer vara Mako.

Miguel A (ag) wrote: Grande parte do valor de "Liquid Sky" reside na forma genuinamente punk como decide montar a sua histria de dois extraterrestres procura de herona em Nova Iorque e de informao sobre como o crebro reage aos opiceos. Os meios de produo so claramente limitados (a mesma sequncia psicadlica repetida vezes sem conta), mas precisamente isso que estimula a esttica punk de um filme de costas voltadas para toda a sociedade existente superfcie de um submundo de junkies e new wavers alienados. Nessa diviso entre excludos e conformados (considerados s mesmo na altura de serem insultados), que encara as duas partes quase como espcies diferentes, "Liquid Sky" abre as portas para toda a fracturao social tratada de modo absurdo por "Repo Man" apenas alguns anos mais tarde. De resto, as duas horas de "Liquid Sky" so bem mais suportveis do que parecem de incio e alguns das suas situaes so to inslitas e hilariantes quanto o GG Allin a defecar em palco. pois um documento punk de valor imenso e superior ao semelhante antecessor britnico "Jubilee" (que, para seu mal, leva-se muito mais a srio).

julia G (gb) wrote: this is a very cute movie

Ross N (kr) wrote: Seen this at the Cinema too, class

Ian C (br) wrote: The film that has to date grossed over $500 million and has resulted in cinemas been force to place Caution: Wet Floor signs on their aisles. Sam Taylor-Johnson's film is like one of those high school teen flicks where the ugly duckling becomes the prom queen. To begin with she (Dakota Johnson) is an extremely beautiful lady who gives a major twitch when she gets the bangers out. They just throw some conservative clothes on her and make her a stereotypical book worm. **SPOILER WARNING** Grey on the other hand with all his demons is just a rich cunt who isn't really into S&M. He has this play room that would freak out Fred and Rose West and turn Josef Fritzel stomach. So many gadgets and toys he must have an army of Chinese factory workers manufacturing them in his basement. Anyway when his submissive agreed to let him do his worst on her, I am expecting him to suspend her to the ceiling in a bungee elastic chord, or a showcase of his Anal Speculums, rubber fisting mittens and stuffoscopes finshed off with a grand finale of auto erotic mummification. Instead we learn that his major vice is just whipping her six times with his belt. That is just like dating a girl who has a state of the art home cinema in her house, complete with theatre seating, pop corn making machine, confectionary stall, beverage fountains and an extensive just for show 35mm film collection but at the end of the day when he sits down to watch a few movies she generally digs out his Tyler Perry's back catalogue.

joni d (it) wrote: Paddy needs to direct more features, Coleman & mullan both play complicated but outstanding characters. Gut wrenching, hopeful and desperately involving.