The Onion Movie

The Onion Movie

Venerable newscaster Norm Archer reports the latest news in politics, health, culture and entertainment - such as an automotive recall of decapitation-inducing "Neckbelts" and a study finding that "depression hits losers hardest". This compilation of bogus news stories, celebrity profiles, movie trailers and skits come courtesy of the ace satirists at The Onion.

The Onion Movie depicts the satirical interpretations of world events and curious human behavior. Hilarity ensues when a veteran anchorman (Len Cariou) refuses to adhere to corporate standards. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diganta B (au) wrote: ?????? ????? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ?? :(

Lauren C (nl) wrote: The girl is a vegan! I visited London, and hearing the "Mind the Gap" over the tape recorder brought me back. I smiled with her.

Julie M (ca) wrote: This would be the best movie I have ever seen in my life if I was a fourteen year old boy. But sadly I am not. McLovin is a funny name.

Gregory M (br) wrote: Dose not Do The Book Justice.

Michael T (au) wrote: strong performances all round, an emotional journey.

Aby S (de) wrote: I like this movie. Makes you think about your own life. :D

Allen G (fr) wrote: Whilst not at the same level as many of his previous works, Eyes Wide Shut still gives Kubrick fans enough to work with and brilliant performances from both Kidman and Cruise add enough to make this one worth your time.It clocks in at almost three hours but it's actually a bit faster than many of Kubrick's other works (though that certainly doesn't make it fast!). The length is fitting here however and flies by (at least it did for me), due mostly to the mystery and suspense that is carried throughout the film- we're too drawn in to have time to get bored. For me, the real strength of the film is the dynamic between Cruise and Kidman, with one scene between them being as memorable a moment as any that Kubrick ever offered up.For all the sexiness in this movie, it never feels like a romp- there's a constant tension and fear behind the surface that culminates so well as the plot develops. It's a great example of a plot continuing to notch up the key themes into the story line as it develops.Unfortunately, compared to Kubrick's previous greats (and as this was his final work I can't help but do this), Eyes Wide Shut just feels a bit too conventional at times- dull even. Whilst it's a story well-told, it never quite reaches the climax that it looks to be heading towards (no pun intended). There are still great stylistic elements- with the repeated theme throughout the film being a stroke of genius in my view, but the technical prowess on display here simply feels like the basic Kubrick standards being met as opposed to something truly remarkable taking place before your eyes.It's a good film but I can't shake the feeling that it could, and should, have been a great one.

bloody w (ag) wrote: a good and memorable ending to a good and memorable franchise

Spookie M (gb) wrote: Terrible Jaws knock-off with many big name stars slumming it. So hilariously bad it was enjoyable. Highlights include the score which is mainly harpsichord and sounds like 70's porno music, the regatta scene which is laughably anti-climactic, the acting which is sub-par and Bo Hopkins giving a "rise-up and boost your morale" type speech to a couple of killer whales! If you like bad movies this is right up there!

Matthew C (jp) wrote: This movie is built on the sex appeal of the lead actress, Monica Vitti. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any. I guess if you're into that sleepy eyed, vacuous look that was the vogue in Europe in the 60s, maybe her charms will work on you. I'm not and they don't. The rest of the movie is a tedious exercise in dancing around the point. It's not helped by the random bits of voice over that may or may not have anything to do with the plot. Even Terrence Stamp can do nothing to rescue it. Awkward, unfunny, poorly executed, terrible music, and so, so dull.

Jona C (kr) wrote: "What A Dump!" Love it! Classic Bette.

Alexander W (ag) wrote: Bittersweet, but heartwarming.

Paul K (us) wrote: I believe Heaven is for real. ...

MacKenna (ca) wrote: I love it. Not true to the myth, but better than previous ones. And Paul Telfer is the sexiest Hecules.

Joseph H (es) wrote: Taken was one of the first thrillers I have seen on the big screen and boy was it a good start! Taken is a fun, thrilling, action packed and relentless!

Khaled H (de) wrote: smart script but kind of exaggerated the end is unpredictable but u feel how important was the reason behind an angry man who's looking for revenge