The Only Son

The Only Son

A poor factory worker, visiting the Tokyo son she has skimped to educate, finds even a college degree doesn't make a difference in Depression era Japan.

In 1923, in the province of Shinshu, the widow and simple worker of a silk factory Tsune Nonomiya (O-Tsune) decides to send her only son to Tokyo for having a better education. Thirteen ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alejandro L (gb) wrote: Soberbia actuacin de Helen Mirren, interesante pelea tras bastidores entre el primer ministro y la reina cuando muri Diana. Pero es de una audiencia muy especial. Me gust.

Brandon W (ca) wrote: The Ruins is based on the source material by Scot Smith who also wrote the film, and it's about a group of friends that are having a vacation in Mexico, and they met a guy who's looking for his brother in an abandoned Mayan temple. So they found it, but what they didn't realize are the dangers coming from the vines. When I saw the trailers for it, I thought it was an interesting villain for a horror film as I never see the vines be the main creature for a horror film. I only saw those vines as a supernatural creature in something like Evil Dead, but only were there for a few minutes. After watching the film, I honestly thought that it could've been so much better, but was good for what it was. The acting is better than your average horror film, but nobody really stand out, and they are not really something that I will remember. The effects look really good which I really thought that the vine effects look real and they freaked me out a bit. The characters are really forgettable as I really don't know much about them at all. Some of the character choices get really stupid that it was getting really annoying. The script by the author himself is fine, nothing special, and the premise is really creepy when you think about it. I did find it interesting to see where it was going, and there are some creep factor to it as they are sitting on a Mayan temple that is surrounded by vines. I wish it could've been more scary, or more psychological as there were some of that here, and they were well done. I like The Ruins fine and I'm glad to see something like this as it's usually haunted films or slashers that I go watch, I just wished that it could green better.

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Christian L (gb) wrote: bad movie great music

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Srijana C (gb) wrote: Akshaye is fantastic...

Matthew H (au) wrote: The movie feels like that paper stolen by Marty Wolf; overconfident, tasteless, and most importantly: written by a kid. The whole movie doesn't feel worth watching because you already know how it's going to end: he'll get credit for the paper, and "The Big Bad Wolf" will be discredited. I don't even feel like I have to check the spoilers box because that would defeat the purpose of what I'm trying to say, as the ending is incredibly obvious.

Konrad R (mx) wrote: Great adaptation of Vonnegut's novel, especially in terms of acting. I'm impressed each time I watch this movie. You can whine about how much its different from the book, but it just stays on its own as a brilliant movie.

Hey You S (jp) wrote: Worth it for the ending, but the neckbeards will drive you mad. But thanks to this movie, I had a newfound enthusiasm for... Shakespeare. Done as rap. Wouldn't have gotten through ninth grade English without it.Et tu, Brut? It only really sticks with you and is interesting if you're a fan of Star Trek, particularly The Original Series. If not, well, look elsewhere, because you can find the best scene from it on Youtube anyway. And you guessed it, Shatner rapping. Takes balls man, balls of steel. One of the voices I have on rotation that I imagine when reading now. Him, Chris Walken, sometimes Samuel L. Jackson. Lucille Ball is fun too.

Jacob D (ag) wrote: A Hilarious movie that is as genius as it is weird.

Michael T (us) wrote: The cast is wonderful, but the film itself is slight and sometimes annoying.

Jamie E (ru) wrote: An apauling mess of terrible acting, story, and effects. It makes me feel ill just thinking about it. One of the worst films I have ever seen.

Jamie P (gb) wrote: a. coop, i still love you.

Anirudh S (gb) wrote: U have to watch the End of this movie .

Andrew O (ca) wrote: Probably the most angsty film ever made, Breathless does a whole lot of nothing while managing to deliver a poignant and affecting finale and groundbreaking usage of film techniques.

Adam L D (jp) wrote: Excellent mystery and tough guy bravado brilliantly acted by Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas as double crossed not so perfect ex partners in crime, with Mitchum trying to track down a missing girl and some missing money. Classic cinematography and crisp script makes the movie go at a brisk pace. Unreavils the mysteries of the past that come back to haunt, it twists and turns in so many directions with an incredible ending. Well done classic holds up to the test of time. Highly recommended!